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A very good prayer journal with guidance on how to use it as well as the journal pages.  Day one is filled out with a testimonial by the former owner and there is a gift notation inside the front cover.  Other that that the book is clean inside.  The covers are in very good condition with only a spot on the top of the spine on the back.  How to live by faith in an uncertain world.  This book looks new inside and out.  An excellent book on the purpose of life and why we are here from a Christian point of view.  This book is pristine inside but has a very nice lengthy gift notation inked inside the front cover and the dust jacket looks new.  The book helps you understand why you are on earth and God's plan for you.  Best seller.  Dust jacket is in very good condition and the book is pristine inside except for an inked name on the front end page.  This is a "40 days of purpose campaign edition".

31 Days Of Praise $4.95


The Journey $11.95


The Purpose Driven Life $9.95


The Purpose Driven Life $8.00

Nice religious book centered on two men involved in the NFL and a woman involved with a foster boy in her care thrown together in self discovery.  Covers growth without compromising your message & mission.  Another great book by the author.  399 pages.  Dust jacket and book looks new.  Book is pristine.  No dust jacket.  The Prophet of Arabia.  Book is pristine inside.  The dust jacket has modest edge wear.  Advice on how to survive adolescence.

Between Sundays $9.00


Purpose Driven Church $9.00


The Life and Religion of Mohammed $12.00


Preparing for Adolescence $9.00

Book is pristine and the dust jacket looks new.  Covers five men of God to include the Priest, Warrior, Prince, Prophet and Scribe.  Beautifully illustrated with easy to read text children's book about Moses.  Like new condition.  Book and dust jacket are pristine.  Book is a reader's companion with new translations.  Book and dust jacket are pristine.  Deals with candid questions and answers of this era.

Sons of The Warrior $10.00


The Prince of Egypt $8.00


The Great Poems of the Bible $17.50


Bring It On $25.00

Book and dust jacket are pristine.  Book deals with handling life's problems with knowledge in the bible.  Book has underlining, highlighting, and side notes, but is still a good reading copy.  Deals with how God shapes those he loves.  Book and dust jacket are pristine.  Deals with the major characters in the bible.  Book is pristine inside and signed by author.  Dust jacket is close to as new condition, but the inside front flap had been folded over when book was closed, thus slight wrinkling on the flap.  A look at what lies ahead with the second coming.

How To Handle Adversity $10.00


Created To Be God's Friend $6.00


Who's Who in the Bible $9.00


The Return $20.00

Book is pristine inside.  The blank front-end page was removed by a previous owner.  Dust jacket looks new.  Deals with obedience as the means to get closer to God.  Book is pristine except for a gift notation inked inside the front.  Dust jacket has very light shelf edge wear.  Colson probes the question of loving God.  Book is pristine and dust jacket has very light shelf edge wear.  Deals with daily devotional studies.   

Enjoying the Closeness of God $11.00


Loving God $12.00


Promises - A Daily Guide to Supernatural $10.00


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