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2008 Release All 86 Episodes 33 Discs Bonus 16 p Guide.

This is one of the hottest gifts you can give, with hours and hours of viewing entertainment pleasure!

The Sopranos stars James Gandolfini in a career-making performance as Tony Soprano, a Mafia leader who is having trouble dealing with his mother and family and so starts to see a shrink. 

The terrific supporting cast features: 

1. Edie Falco as Tony's conflicted wife, Carmela. 

2. Lorraine Bracco as Tony's put-upon psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi. 

3. Michael Imperioli as loose-cannon Christopher Moltisanti. 

4. Steven Van Zandt as Silvio, owner of the Bada-Bing. 

5. Nancy Marchand, as Livia Soprano, Tony's conniving mother. 

This collection presents all six seasons.  

Fans have devotedly watched Tony Soprano deal with the difficulties of balancing his home life with the criminal organization he leads. 

Audiences everywhere tuned in to see the mob, the food, the family, and who was next to be whacked. 

Celebrate the show in the ultimate Sopranos collector's edition.

This will ship cheapest by UPS.   

The Sopranos Complete Series DVD New Box $350.00


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