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List of Items
Nice Ghost Pez.  See photo.  Nice Ghost Pez.  See photo.  Nice Bug Pez.  See photo.  Very nice Wolvevine Pez.  See photo.

Ghost Pez $3.00


Ghost Pez $3.00


Bug Pez $3.00


Wolvevine Pez $3.00

Very nice Taco Bell Chihuahua Pez.  See photo.  Sourz Pez in good condition.  See photo.  Duffy Duck Pez is in good condition.  See photo.  Speedy Gonzales Pez.  Very good.  See photo.

Taco Bell Chihuahua Pez $5.00


Sourz Pez $3.00


Duffy Duck Pez $3.00


Speedy Gonzales $3.00

Nice collectible lot of five (5) used McDonald's food premiums consisting of different colored Furbies.  Each has a different characteristic.  Lightly used and have mostly been on the shelf since issued in 1998.  Colors as depicted in photo.  Made in China for McDonald's.  Sold "AS IS".  With a new Furby out this year these make a nice collectible for the toy or fast food aficionado/collector.  Disbursing a large Furby collection.  Nice Lady Bug Pez.  See photo.  Nice Santa Claus Pez.  See photo.  Nice Bugs Bunny Pez.  See photo.

McDonald's Fast Food Lot Of 5 Toy Furbie $5.00


Lady Bug Pez $3.00


Santa Claus Pez $3.00


Bugs Bunny w / Cap Pez $3.00

Nice Mean Mickey Mouse Pez.  See photo.  Nice Pumpkin Pez.  See photo.  Nice Front End Loader pez.  See photo.  Nice Panda pez with decal eyes and slight yellowing due to sun fading.  See photo.

Mean Mickey Mouse Pez $3.00


Pumpkin Pez $3.00


Front End Loader Pez $6.00


Panda Pez $3.00

Nice Panda pez with decal eyes.  See photo.  Nice Speedy Gonzales pez with yellow body.  See photo.  Nice Chick With Hat pez with blue body.  See photo.

 Nice Mickey Mouse "D" pez with yellow body.  See photo.

Panda Pez $3.00


Speedy Gonzales Pez $3.00


Chick With Hat Pez (Blue Body) $4.00


Mickey Mouse " D" Pez $12.50

Nice scarce Icee Bear pez.  See photo.  Nice Ninja Turtle with yellow body.  See photo.  Nice Taz pez with red body.  See photo.  Nice Fossie Muppet pez.  See photo.

Icee Bear Pez $8.00


Ninja Turtle (Yellow Body) $3.00


Tazmanian Devil (Taz) Pez (Red Body) $3.00


Fossie Muppet Pez $3.00

Nice I-Saur pez.  See photo.  Nice Fly-Saur pez.  See photo.  Nice Tigger pez with orange body.  See photo.  Nice Donald Duck pez with medium blue body and hard head.  See photo.

I-Saur Pez $3.00


Fly-Saur Pez $3.00


Tigger Pez $3.00


Donald Duck Pez $3.00

Nice red Happy Valentine's Day pez.  See photo.  Nice pink Happy Valentine's Day pez.  See photo.  Nice Bugs bunny pez with yellow body and small eyes.  See photo.  Nice Bugs bunny pez with yellow body and large eyes.  See photo.

Red Happy Valentine's Day Pez $3.00


Pink Happy Valentine's Day Pez $3.00


Bugs Bunny Pez $3.00


Bugs Bunny Pez $3.00

Nice Bug (?) pez with pink body.  See photo.  Nice Series "A" 3-piece Witch pez with red body.  See photo  Nice Pumpkin "B" pez.  See photo.  Nice white Snoopy pez.  See photo.

Bug Pez $3.00


Witch " A" Pez (Red Body) $15.00


Pumpkin " B" Pez $3.00


Snoopy Pez (White) $3.00

Nice Lucy pez with red body.  See photo.  Nice Wonder Woman pez with red body.  See photo.  Nice Easter Bunny pez with dark pink body.  See photo.  Nice Snowman "B" pez with white body.  See photo.

Lucy Pez $4.00


Wonder Woman Pez $3.00


Easter Bunny Pez (Pink Body) $3.00


Snowman " B" Pez (White Body) $2.00

Nice Star Wars CP30 pez with gold body.  See photo.  Nice Darth Vader pez.  Black body.  See photo.  Nice Batman pez with black body.  1980s.  See photo.  Scarce.  Nice pumpkin head pez with medium green body.  See photo.

Star Wars CP30 Pez $4.00


Darth Vader Pez $4.00


Batman Pez (Black Body) $12.50


Pumpkin Head Pez $3.00

Ninja Turtle by PEZ.  Ninja Turtle by PEZ.  Ninja Turtle by PEZ.  Pebbles by PEZ.

Ninja Turtle $3.00


Ninja Turtle $3.00


Ninja Turtle $3.00


Pebbles $3.00

Dino of the Flintstones - See Photo.  Barney Rubble - See Photo.  Fred Flintstone - See Photo  Chick With Hat - See Photo.

Dino $3.00


Barney Rubble $3.00


Fred $3.00


Chick With Hat $3.00

Goofy - See Photo.  Taz - See Photo.  Tweety Type "A"- See Photo.  Nice Star Wars "CP3O" PEZ in original cellophane package.

Goofy $7.50


Taz $3.00


Tweety $3.00


Star Wars CP3O in Cellophane Package $10.00

Nice Star Wars "Darth Vader" PEZ in original cellophane package.  Nice Star Wars "Luke Skywalker" PEZ in blister pack.  Nice "Ninja Turtle" PEZ with purple body and blue mask.  Nice "Ninja Turtle" PEZ with orange body and orange mask.

Star Wars Darth Vader in Original Cellop $10.00


Star Wars Luke Skywalker in Blister Pack $10.00


Ninja Turtle $3.00


Ninja Turtle $3.00

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