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11.5 inch Street Players Holding Corporation, limited production from 1997, Princess Diana fashion doll. This Princess doll is the same size as Barbie. She comes in a dark blue box that says 'Diana, Princess of Wales, Queen of People's Hearts'. She has Diana's short rooted blonde hair with corona, blue painted eyes, and an open mouth smile that does look like Princess Diana. She is dressed in a black formal gown, a pearl necklace and bracelet, a black purse with jewel closing, and high heels. This doll came out shortly after Princess Diana's death in memory of her. This is near Mint-in-box old stock.

 1995 Enesco Cherished Teddies No. 127981, Allison and Alexandria, 'Two Friends Mean Twice the Love', is a charming small bisque figurine of two tan girl teddy bears holding their little toy teddy bears. The Cherished Teddies artist is Priscilla Hillman. These old-stock figurines are mint-in-the-box.  Effanbee 1996 limited edition Heart-to-Heart represents the classic Effanbee dolls, Patsy and Skippy with Kitty. The children are dressed in blue and white 1920s to 30s play clothes. Sense the excitement that is about to happen! Skippy is holding a frog behind his back ready to surprise unsuspecting Patsy. It is one of several charming figurines in the series. Mint-in-the-box old stock.  Expand listing to view both the photograph of the box and of the figurine.  Set of 9 inch Effanbee Romeo and Juliet Patsyette boy and girl dolls, which are mint in separate boxes from 1997-early 1998. They are vinyl dolls with molded and sprayed hair and painted side-glancing eyes, and they look like the classic Effanbee Patsyette dolls of the 1920s and 1930s. The boy and girl dolls are wearing colorful blue, red, and gold outfits appropriate to the Italian Renaissance and Shakespearean play. The Romeo doll is wearing blue pants, jacket, and a large hat with a plume. The Juliet Patsyette doll's costume includes a blue dress with red and gold over-skirt.  Effanbee Heart bracelets are included. These retired dolls are mint-in-their boxes. These dolls are from Effanbee Doll Co., before Tonner acquired Effanbee.

Street Players Princess Diana Doll in Bl $65.00


Cherished Teddies Two Friends Figurine N $28.00


Effanbee Guess Which Patsy and Skippy Fi $45.00


1997 Effanbee Patsyette Romeo and Juliet $95.00

17 inch 1997 Effanbee vinyl reproduction Nautical Patsy Joan doll has a short curly dark blonde wig, and moving blue eyes. Her outfit includes a navy blue and white sailor blouse and skirt, a matching sailor hat, black shoes, and white socks. Her accessories include a metal doll stand, and logo heart bracelet. This retired doll is from the Effanbee Doll Company before it belonged to Tonner. Mint-in-the-box old stock. Shipping will be adjusted for your area; current rate is based on general East Coast location for large 5 pound package.

 The Disney Flower Pooh bear mini-bean bag plush, is holding a colorful bouquet of cloth flowers and was intended for Mother's Day when he was produced in about 1997. He is dressed in his red 'Pooh' shirt, and he has a Mousketoys tag from Disneyland. He is approximately 7 to 8 inches tall. Old stock bean bag is mint with its tag.  Disneyland Choo Choo Pooh with Mousektoys Tag mini-bean bag from Disneyland with a Mousketoys tag from around 1998. This Pooh Bear plush is aabout 7 to 8 inches tall. He is dressed in a dark blue and white striped railroad engineer hat with his ears sticking out, and blue with yellow floral print shirt. Old stock plush is in mint condition with its tag.  1994 Cindy doll by the artist, Susan Wakeen. for her own company is a precious 20 inch vinyl toddler art doll with stuffed body, a wig of blonde curls, and fixed glass-like blue eyes. She is wearing a pink dress with a white pinafore, lacy white socks, and white shoes; and she is cuddling her soft white bunny. This sweet doll is perfect for Easter or any other Spring holiday. She has her tag and original box. Mint-in-the-box old stock. Expand listing to view both photographs.

1997 Effanbee Nautical Patsy Joan Vinyl $95.00


Disney Flower Pooh Bean Bag Late 1990s $16.00


Choo Choo Pooh Disney Bean Bag Plush c. $16.00


Susan Wakeen Cindy Baby Doll with Bunny $239.00

Heidi Ott artist doll, 12 inch Bonnie doll from the Dream Kids collection from 1994-1995. She is made of hard vinyl and fabric. She has a human hair wig styled a bob and held with printed hair band that matches her dress, green painted eyes, and freckles. She is slender like Heidi Ott's Little Ones were, and has a face similar to theirs. She is wearing a pink and green floral print dress with Heidi embroidered on the collar and pink and white checked trim on sleeves.  She has realistically sculpted bare feet. New, mint-in-the-box old stock. Expand listing to view all 4 photographs.  Saranade is a 14 inch vinyl Christmas Angel doll that Chris Miller designed for Pittsburgh Originals in 1995. This stunningly beautiful doll has a sweet serious-face, a wig of long brown ringlets, and painted green eyes.  She is wearing a colorful gold and rose floral head wreath, a gold over pink gown decorated with rosebuds, and pink and white fur wings. Limited edition of 1,000. Doll is new and mint-in-the-box old stock with an adjustable metal stand and all paperwork.  Jerri McCloud's Clara with a wooden Nutcracker in 1980 was one of the earliest dolls by Jerri McCloud. She is a stunning 21 inch all-bisque doll with long dark blonde human hair wig and blue glass eyes. Her ensemble includes a white dotted swiss dress with multi-color pastel ribbon sash and white ballet slippers, from limited edition of 1,000. She was pictured March, 1990, in DOLLS magazine on page 64. At that time, she had a book value of over $1,000.00. For years she has been closed in her box to protect her from potential for earthquakes in southern California.  She would prefer to get out of her box. She has all of her original packing material. She is mint-in-box and was formerly only displayed in a locked case at another shop and for that reason she is listed as reconditioned even though she's actually looks brand new. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Reeves International Susan Gibson, 1986 vinyl approximately 8-9 inch American Girl artist doll, No. 5021, has blonde rooted hair, and blue moving eyes. This doll's coloring is light and delicate. Her ensemble includes a white dress with pink ribbon as worn in the Empire period of the late 1790s and early 1800s. She is holding a rag doll with brunette yarn hair. This old stock is not a signature edition. The color of box is faded; doll is like new and almost mint-in-the box. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.

Heidi Ott Dream Kid Bonnie Doll 1994-95 $99.00


1995 Pittsburgh Originals Saranade Angel $150.00


Jerri Bisque Clara Doll of Nutcracker Su $595.00


Susan Gibson American Girl Doll 1986 $50.00

Mattel 1990 Bob Mackie Gold Barbie, vinyl 11.5 inch fashion doll. She has a smiling open mouth, platinum blonde rooted hair and painted blue eyes. She is dressed in a gorgeous sequined gold formal. Her designer fashion accessories are a long white boa and gold hair piece. Mint in Signed Case, looks new. This one never had a box. From a limited edition of 5,000. In excellent, near mint condition. She was pre-owned and well cared for. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.  Barbie Style, blonde 11.5 inch fashion doll, has blue painted eyes and an open-mouth smile. Her ensemble includes a chic pink, lavender, and white logo 'B' and heart print taffeta party dress, pink bows, and high heel shoes. Mattel made this doll for Applause in 1990. It was the first Applause Barbie. This doll is mint-in-the box old stock that has never been removed from the box. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Small (approximately 7 inch) Coca Cola Penguin in Chef's Hat with Coca Cola Bean Bag, No. 0127. The Chef's Hat has the 'Coca Cola Logo'. His tag is shaped like a Coca Cola bottle cap, and a Coca Cola label is on his body. Bean bag is from the second set at the end of 1997. Retired, new and mint condition.  Small Coca Cola Polar Bear Bean Bag Plush, No. 0111, is wearing a Red Baseball with Coca Cola Logo. He is holding a bottle of Coca Cola in one paw. His tag is shaped like a Coca Cola bottle cap. A Coca Cola label is attached to his body. He is 7 inches in height. This old stock bean bag is from the first set of Coca Cola bean bags in 1997. This bean bag plush is mint condition old stock.

1990 Bob Mackie Gold Barbie, Near Mint, $525.00


1990 Mattel Barbie Style Made for Applau $45.00


Coca Cola Chef Penguin Advertising Bean $15.00


Coca Cola Polar Bear Red Baseball Hat Be $15.00

1993 Raikes limited edition April and Johnnie Teddy Bear Set includes small tan and brown male and female plush teddy bears with wooden faces are 9-10 inches tall, and they are sitting in a gondola with a hot air balloon. The total length of the set is about 21 inches tall with bears and balloon together. These adorable bears are dressed in blue with red and white heart printed outfits that are perfect for either Valentine's Day or as a special gift for someone you love or someone who is into flying in balloons. The boy bear is wearing blue and white striped overalls over his heart print shirt, and the girl is wearing a red and white heart printed dress. The bear couple are riding in a Gondola basket and red balloon. Retired bear and balloon set is in new, mint-in-the-box condition.  1998 Hallmark Gay Parisienne Classic Barbie Ornament depicts a classic brunette Barbie doll. This Barbie is wearing a dark blue bubble dress and a white fur boa, like the late 1950s-early 60s classic doll fashion.  Christmas ornament is like-new, mint-in-the-box old stock.  This cute little perfectly Art Deco piece of Noritake is most likely a portable individual ashtray. The shape is shown as A.171 on p. 47 of Spain's third book.  I think the decoration of this tan luster ashtray is even nicer.



The ashtray measures 3' tall and stands 1' tall.  The wide sloping rim has  a great checker pattern on it, done in black, white and blue. It is in excellent condition and carries the red wreath mark. Add it to your collection today.



I am a long time member of the <a href=''>Noritake Collectors Society.</a> Come read about our great club,  our newsletter and consider joining us in our appreciation and pursuit of Noritake!  This Noritake Art Deco 6 1/2' wide footed compote is a good example of how wide was the inspiration for some of Noritake's decorators. This piece is done is the style of many of the English pieces of the time.  The color palette of oranges, yellow, purples will be familiar to collectors of Carlton for example.



In excellent shape, this piece would look lovely with some hard candy or bonbons on it, nestled next to some Chintz! 


I am a long time member of the Noritake Collectors Society ( Come read about our great club,  our newsletter and consider joining us in our appreciation and pursuit of Noritake!

Raikes April and Johnnie Bear Set with H $156.00


Hallmark Gay Parisienne Barbie Ornament $30.00


Noritake Deco luster ring portable ashtr $25.00


Noritake Deco English stylefooted compot $32.00

Noritake 5 inch Deco  purple flower airbrush server with a lovely handpainted purple/blue flower rising out from a deep orange/rust side border. Shown in Spain A-Z p. 212, plate P.55.Silver handle a little worn. Red mark. A really pretty little Noritake serving piece.



I am a long time member of the Noritake Collectors Society (  Come read about our great club,  our newsletter and consider joining us in our appreciation and pursuit of Noritake!  This Noritake Art Deco 5 1/4' lemon server has a gold handle with some wear to the gold and a very interesting design.  Highly stylized, the orange tulip shape, black/orange hyacinth, black and yellow leaves and the purple blue blossom combine with the mint green outer band to make it a very pleasing Deco combo!



Signed with the red wreath mark, I guarantee it to be vintage Noritake. I am a long time member of the <a href=''>Noritake Collectors Society.</a> Come read about our great club,  our newsletter and consider joining us in our appreciation and pursuit of Noritake!  This great Noritake Deco vase stands 6 1/4' . It has the very same pattern on it as a wall pocket I have. Done in orange luster for a backdrop, it features 3 abstract designs in circles and a flower bud. Great design. Excellent condition  This Noritake Deco 5.5 inch  lemon server has a great look. The wild blue leaves with black outlines highlight the asymmetrically placed red blossom . The blue rim adds unity to the piece. Red wreath mark in very good condition.

Noritake 5 $22.00


Noritake Deco black purple lemon server $18.00


Noritake Deco wild abstract vase 6 1 / 4 $300.00


Noritake Deco 5 inch lemon server $22.00

This Deco Noritake center handled lemon server features a cream white background and gold rim and handle. A border of ywllow and black triangles rings two baskets of fruit while garlands drape across from each other on 2 sides. A lovely red wreath mark piece from the Deco era. Very good condition. It carries the red wreath mark, from the 1931-1935 period.  It measures 5 1/4 inches across. A great example of Art Deco Noritake. Add it to your Art Deco or Noritake collection today  This cone shaped vase was made and decorated by Mark Bellaire, another great Californian Mid Century designer. 

This 9 inch tall vase features stripes of color, a chocolate brown and terra cotta red with a wild yellow blotch which could be the sun.  

It measures 3 inches in diameter at top and 5 inches in diameter at he bottom.

Signed with standard black signature. Two black outlined figures with raised arms  are on the vase. Excellent condition.  This is a striking vase designed by Royal Hickman and using a fabulous Frank Petty blue/purple crystaline glaze. The exact vase can be seen on Pg.208 of The House of Haeger 1914-1944 by Paradis. Excellent condition  Czech satin cased yellow/cobalt ladie's cuspidor in stunning color combo. Streaks of red blue swirl around the yellow interior revealed by the wide brim. The dark cobalt bottom really contrasts with the yellow top. Excellent condition. The cased satin pieces are getting hard to find, as fewer were made.

Noritake 5 inch Deco lemon server $12.00


Mark Bellaire 9 inch abstract figures va


Royal Haeger / Hickman Petty Pegasus vase


Czech satin cased ladie's cuspidor $95.00

Noritake 5 inch Deco  purple flower airbrush server with a lovely handpainted purple/blue flower rising out from a deep orange/rust side border. Shown in Spain A-Z p. 212, plate P.55. Silver handle a little worn. Red mark. A really pretty little Noritake serving piece.



I am a long time member of the Noritake Collectors Society (  Come read about our great club,  our newsletter and consider joining us in our appreciation and pursuit of Noritake!  Kralik 5 inch pulled feather/platinum oilspotting on amber vase. Incredible combination of form and decoration. Pure Kralik. Excellent condition.  This Titania Gre 2534 8 inch silver wavy vase was designed by Leopold Bauer around 1906 and produced by the Lotz Witwe Glass Company. It is decorated on orange cased vase with the dark green base is identical in decoration to the one shown in the Superior Auction catalog. Excellent condition. Rare.  This Loetz Diana Cisele 5 1/2 inch tall  4 dimple base vase is in excellent condition. Part of the line designed for Loetz by the English master designer Christopher Dresser circa 1898-1899, 346/371, form: C. Produced for Max Emmanuel. Excellent condition.

Your decor is called Diana Cisele and the PNs for your piece are 346/371 and II-251. They were commissioned for Max Emanuel

Noritake 5 inch purple flower server $18.00


Kralik 5 inch pulled feather / platinum va $275.00


Loetz 8 inch Titania Gre 2534 vase $2500.00


Loetz 5 1 / 2 Diana Cisele 346 / 371 and II- $125.00

This Noritake Deco footed 5.5' fluted orange/black floral bowl is pure Deco. It has rare gold luster and teal blue. Pure stylized flowers burst from one side of this bowl whose orange background is a bold choice. Red mark. Excellent condition  Ruba rombic smoky topaz 6' vase purchased at PCGCC convention auction. Excellent condition.  Pair of vintage Fiesta light green tripod candleholders. As the  book put out by the Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association explains on page 64-65, these were only produced from November 1935 to late 1942. They are a prized addition to any Fiesta collection. Excellent condition.  Czech, probably Kralik glass 8.5 inch white mottled oil spot vase. I have another example of this vase in my collection. What is unusual is the mottled base glass with oilspotting on the outer layer. Cased in white, this classical urn shape suggests Loetz, though I can't be certain. It is unsigned. I have never seen another of the later furnace decorated pieces from the Deco period with oilspotting, so this is very different. Excellent condition.

Noritake Deco 5. 5 $40.00


Ruba rombic smoky topaz 6 inch vase


Fiesta Vintage green tripod candleholder $525.00


Kralik? Czech glass inch white mottled v $55.00

This 8' diameter server has gold handle and rim, a great yellow/black Deco motif band and a great blue luster band which surrounds 4 cartouches of totally handpainted abstract flowers. Excellent condition overall. There is a spot of glaze discoloration which was there I believe when it left the factory.  Standard red wreath mark. Great piece of Deco.  This Pigeon brand ribbon tin once carried a Smith-Corona black record ribbon for the K adding machines. Its design is pure Art Deco. Black background on front and sides with the typical 3 line wide Speed lines through the Smith-Corona name. A great font carries the Pigeon name and there is a silhouette pigeon just above. The tin is in very good condition overall with some  wear to the printing on the back.  Royal Haeger #1006 Green agate boomerang ashtray with 5 rests. Wonderful biomorphic shape in a popular glaze. Would look swell on  a blond wood table. No chips, cracks or damage.  Noritake pair of orange Deco candleholders with Oriental yellow paisley-like border motif.  Excellent condition.

Noritake Deco black band luster server. $19.00


Smith-Corona Pigeon Art Deco typewriter $10.00


Royal Haeger #1006 Green agate boomerang $40.00


Noritake pair of orange Deco candleholde $75.00

Sascha Brastoff 5.5't Abstract Original vase, signed F20 in with gold Rooster mark. Great combo of horizontal banding and crackle surface, all accented with horizontal gold banding. Excellent condition.  Vermont Studio potter Stanley Ballard (1917-1960) graduated from Alfred University’s highly respected Ceramic Program in 1939, having studied there while these influential teachers were part of the faculty: Marion Fosdick, Charles Harder, Clarence Merritt, and C. Katherine Nelson.

Ballard grey creamer, signed with earlier S. Ballard mark and the shape number 77. Excellent condition.  Standing 3 inches tall, this lucite paperweight features a miniature roll of newspaper. Each end of the roll has a decal with the logo of the International Paper Co or Ticonderoga NY. It carries the words 'International Newsprint'. A great piece of Americana!  A scarce find. This 3 piece Noritake Art Deco mayo set is still together. The ladle is marked with the green wreath mark. The bowl is marked under the blue luster glaze with the green wreath mark. The underplate is unmarked. All three have a banded red/yellow/white architectural border. Mother of pearl luster on all three pieces as well as the standard blue luster. A great example of Noritake Deco.

Sascha Brastoff Abstract Original vase $125.00


Ballard grey creamer, signed shape numbe $15.00


International Newspaper 3 $50.00


Noritake 3 pc Deco luster mayo set $35.00

This Czech Deco red black glass millefiori bowl is 5' tall, 7' dia red lined black glass with cane millefiori..and 4 red applied pulled lines.  There is one very small rim chip which only does not even go through the inside red glass layer. Otherwise, it is in excellent condition. It is signed with the block letter acid mark Czechoslovakia in a semi circle letter arrangement. Hard to find! Identified as made by Kralik in this decor.   

Czech Kralik Deco glass millefiori bowl $135.00


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