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Madame Alexander 1999 16 inch Nostalgia Coca-Cola doll, is a Coco doll with brunette hair and moving blue eyes. Her costume is like the lady in the old Coca Cola logo. It consists of a long white lace dress, large straw hat with red ribbon. Her accessories include a picnic basket with a Coca Cola miniature bottle and a red and white checked cloth that says 'Coca Cola'. This doll was licensed by Coca Cola. New old stock that is mint-in-the-box with tag.  Madame Alexander 16 Inch 1998 Coco Belle Epoque doll, is a blonde vinyl Coco fashion doll with with two exquisite outfits. She has blonde hair drawn back in curls and moving blue eyes. She is dressed in a daytime black and white ankle-length suit with a full jacket and large fabric hat with bright pink accents to match. The set also contains a coordinating black formal for evening with pink accents. Accessories include black high heels, and rhinestone necklace and earrings. Doll set is like-new old stock in mint condition with tag and box. Expand listing view both the photo and catalog picture.  Helen Kish Ashley 'Just Like Mom' doll, by The Hamilton Collection from approximately 1991, is an 18 inch tall doll with a porcelain head, arms, legs, and stuffed body. This little girl doll is playing dress up, and she is trying to look grown up wearing an over-sized floral print dress with large lace collar over play clothes, large white beads, bare feet, curly blonde wig, blue stationery glass eyes, slightly parted lips. The doll is in excellent condition and clean without unpleasant odors, but parts of the set are missing. This doll has no oversized shoes or hat; because of this she is being sold at a greatly reduced price. She has her certificate and a stand. The reduced price considers her missing accessories. This is a wonderful doll for anyone who likes to redress dolls. Expand listing to view both photos.


<b>The front center has the house of Paul Revere embossed on a Armetale metal plate. The metal is a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy.


Incised back stamp:

Wilton-Columbia PA USA


RWP in a circle

On the front outer rim is some scuff/scratch marks from use.

Madame Alexander Nostalgia Coca-Cola Log $220.00


Madame Alexander Coco Bell Epoque Doll w $300.00


Helen Kish Ashley Dress-Up - Hamilton Co $95.00


The Paul Revere House Plate by Wilton Ar $17.95

<b>Choker has four pave rhinestones end, two-strands of weighted faux pearls with accented rhinestone rings.

Fish hook clasp.

Unsigned.  Ty, Inc. Rocket the Blue Jay Beanie Baby plush, is a blue with white accents blue jay bird 7 to 8 inches in size. His day of birth is March 12, 1997. Rocket was introduced on May 30, 1998, and retired on December 23, 1999. The verse on Rocket's tag is:

'Rocket is the fasted blue jay ever,

He flies in all sorts of weather,

Aerial tricks are his specialty,

He's so entertaining for you and for me!'

Like new, mint condition old stock with tag, beanie has not been exposed to smoke or unpleasant odors. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Enesco Tender Tails Precious Moments Bean Bag Plush bright pink cardinal with yellow feet and beak from the first Christmas holiday and winter-themed edition of Tender Tails Bean Bags that was made in 1998. This colorful bird has embroidered black teardrop-shaped eyes inside gray circles, a yellow beak and feet, and a deep pinkish red body. The Tender Tails bird is about 8 inches in length. This retired bean bag plush cardinal is new and mint with its tag.  Enesco Tender Tails Precious Moments Rooster bean bag from the fifth edition circa 1999, and is now retired. Tender Tails creatures from this edition represented animals found on farms. This rooster is deep tan and lighter tan with a tangerine-red crown, embroidered teardrop-shaped black eyes, and a white beak. It is about 8 inches tall. Old stock is mint with its tag.

Dbl Strand Faux Pearls w / Rhinestone Rin $65.00


Ty Rocket the Blue Jay Beanie Baby 1998- $15.00


Tender Tails Precious Moments Pink Cardi $18.00


Tender Tails Precious Moments Rooster Be $18.00

Enesco Tender Tails Precious Moments White Harp Seal Bean Bag Plush is from the first Christmas holiday and winter-themed edition of Tender Tails Bean Bags in 1998. This white plush seal has embroidered teardrop-shaped black eyes, smiling black facial features; and is about 8 inches long. New old stock that is mint with its tag.  This paperback book is shaped like Raggedy Ann's head, 'The Raggedy Ann Book', by Janet Fulton is illustrated in color by Aurelius Battaglia. This first edition book was copyrighted in 1969 by the Bobbs-Merrill Co., Inc. and printed by Golden Press of Western Publishing Company. It contains 24 pages. The doll and toy characters are the same ones that Johnny Gruelle created in his Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy stories. It contains many charming illustrations. It was written for a very young child or new reader. The book has interest for a collector. This pre-owned book is in very good condition. Its only flaw is some scrapes on the back of the cover. The ISBN numbers are ISBN 13: 9780307580313 and ISBN 10: 0307580318. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Enesco Tender Tails Precious Moments bean bag plush white lamb  from the second edition of Tender Tails Bean Bags in 1997 and is retired. This soft white lamb has embroidered black eyes, a yellow nose and smiling pink facial features and feet, and is 8 inches in size. Has faint dots on end of seam lines on face that are more like factory needle marks, has tag; have listed as used though actually has been buried in storage and never owned by anyone else. Click to expand listing to  view of the photograph.  Ty, Inc. 1999 Signature Teddy Bear bean bag plush, No. 4228, is a 7 to 8 inch tall tan and cream bear with a red heart that says 1999 and Ty. Signature's tag does not have a day of birth, so it is a mystery and can represent anyone all year long in 1999. Signature was introduced on January 1, 1999, and retired on December 23, 1999. The 1999 Signature bear did not have a poem. Beanie Baby Teddy Bear is wearing a burgundy and gold ribbon around his or her neck. This teddy bear is like new and mint with tag. Expand listing to view both photographs.

Tender Tails Precious Moments White Harp $18.00


The Raggedy Ann Book Shape Book, Janet F $10.00


Enesco Tender Tails Precious Moments Whi $20.00


Ty 1999 Signature Teddy Bear Beanie Baby $20.00

Disney 8 inch Sebastian red water creature mini bean bag plush is from the Little Mermaid. He has a giant toothy smile, and was sold from around 1996-1997. Sebastian has a single set of seams on his underside. This retired bean bag is in mint condition with a Mousketoys tag from Disneyland.  Musical Ivory Carousel Water Globe is a white ceramic horse inside a glass water globe; the base is ivory off-white and gold bisque decorated like an old carousel. The water globe plays the theme heard on carousels. It measures approximately 5 to 6 inches in height. It comes from the middle to late 1990s. The exact date of its production is unknown. In new and mint condition. Expand listing to view both photographs.  2000 Madame Alexander 8 Inch Yellow Butterfly Princess Doll from the Butterfly Magic Collection, No. 25680, has a Maggie face, a wig styled in auburn double ponytails with ringlets, and moving blue eyes with gold eye shadow. She is dressed in a yellow body suit with sequins and rhinestones; shimmering yellow skirt; silver, gold, and cream wings; corona; and silver slippers.  Doll is mint-in-box with tag and poem of butterfly queen and two butterfly princesses. Mint-in-the-box with tag old stock, came directly from Alexander Doll Co.  Expand listing to view both photographs.  Madame Alexander 1998 Fall Collection 12 inch 75th Anniversary Huggums baby doll with soft vinyl head and soft cloth body, blonde sprayed and molded hair, and blue moving eyes. Her ensemble includes white taffeta pantaloons, a white dress with pink and green floral embroidery that says 'Happy 75th Anniversary' on the bodice, pink looped lace trim, matching bonnet with white lace, white sandals with pink rosebuds. Accessories include 2 blocks with numbers and Madame Alexander printed on them (made out of wood or plastic-like wood).  This very special old stock doll is  mint-in-the-box with tag and came directly from Alexander Doll Co.  Expand listing to view both photographs.

Disneyland Sebastian Mousketoys Bean Bag $15.00


Musical Carousel Water Globe from Mid 19 $42.00


Madame Alexander Yellow Butterfly Prince $80.00


Madame Alexander 75th Anniversary Huggum $79.00

Madame Alexander 1999 8 Inch  Merlin doll from Return to Camelot collection about King Arthur and his knights. This male doll has a Wendy face, platinum hair under a gold cap, and moving blue eyes. He is dressed in red, orange, and gold wizard robes over a white gown; and he is carrying a staff and a crystal ball. Mint-in-the-box with tag old stock, came directly from Alexander Doll Co. Expand listing to view both photographs.  1997 Effanbee 9 inch soft vinyl Christmas Sammie doll  with rooted brunette hair and moving brown eyes. She is wearing a colorful red plaid dress with package appliques trim, red elf hat, red shoes, and white tights. Accessories include a Christmas tree, gifts, and a plastic stand. What a fabulous set this is! This old stock doll style is like new and mint-in-the-box.  1989 Effanbee 9 inch soft vinyl Li'l Innocents doll, from the International series represents Russia. She has a sweet face, brunette rooted hair and moving brown eyes. Her Russian costume includes an imitation white fur-trimmed burgundy velvet dress, dark boots with imitation white fur trim, a white imitation fur hat, and a white neck scarf. Effanbee is not currently making dolls from this mold. New old stock is Mint-in-the-Box with tag and plastic stand.  1996 Limited edition Effanbee Heart-to-Heart Everyday bisque figurine, 'Faster Skippy!', which represents the classic dolls, Patsy and Skippy who are wearing 1930s outfits. The  Patsy girl doll is wearing a yellow dress. Kitty is riding in red wagon that the boy, Skippy is pulling. He is wearing blue shorts, a blue hat, and white shirt with blue bow tie. It is one of several charming figurines in the series. The base is the green grass. This retired figurine is mint-in-the-box old stock.

Madame Alexander Merlin Camelot Doll 199 $80.00


1997 Effanbee Brunette Christmas Sammie $48.00


Effanbee L'il Innocents Russian Doll 198 $42.00


Effanbee Skippy and Patsy Faster Skippy $45.00

1999 Madame Alexander 6 inch resin-type bisque Happy Birthday Figurine depicts the 8 inch blonde Wendy doll with blue eyes that was  introduced in 1999. For her birthday celebration, she is wearing a colorful balloon print dress and pink Happy birthday crown like the full-sized doll did. This figurine stands on a floor-type base. Discontinued limited edition figurine is new, mint-in-the-box, and includes its certificate and packing box. Expand listing to view both photographs.  

<b>White elegant triple bow. 

Monet's mark stamp in gold on back.  

<b>Tastefully done gold plated bangle bracelet with brushed platinum color background highlighting the panthers.

Spring hinged bangle for easy opening and closing.

Panthers encircle the entire bangle.

Notice how change in lighting give this bangle different effects.

 Paperback book, 'Raggedy Ann at the Carnival by Patricia Thackray, color pictures by Barbara Bottner, copyrighted in 1977 by the Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc., was printed by Golden Press, Western Publishing Company, and it contains 24 pages. Its cover is in excellent condition, except for a very small wrinkle. This is a Golden 'Look-Look' book. Its story tells about Raggedy Ann's adventures when she attended the Carnival with Marcella where she got lost. The doll and toy characters in this book are based on the characters that Johnny Gruelle created. Pre-owned, excellent condition, and no unpleasant odors. The ISBN numbers are ISBN-10: 0307118304 and ISBN-13:301.

1999 Madame Alexander Happy Birthday Wen $30.00


Monet's Delicate Triple White Bow Pin $13.50


Panther Bangle Bracelet $39.95


Raggedy Ann at the Carnival, Paperback B $10.00

<b>Treat yourself to a truly stunning piece of jewelry!

Stylish bakelite necklace done in an exquisite shade of red.

Classic design of graduating beads.

Faux bead screw on clasp.

Bakelite has been simi chrome tested positive.  Disney Hallmark Keepsake Disney, Hunchback of Notre Dame Christmas ornament, No. QXD6344, is from 1996. This ornament is The Disney version of Esmeralda. It depicts the brunette gypsy girl with her tambourine and her goat, Djali, who are both dancing. This retired Christmas tree ornament is new and mint-in-its-box old stock.  

<b>The center is decorated with woodland creatures surrounded in a faux wood pattern.

Don't smoke?  No problem!  This makes a great trinket holder.

Incised mark: Treasure Craft c. Made in the USA.  Effanbee 1996 9 inch soft vinyl L'il Innocents Plains Indian girl doll from the Indians of North American collection. She has tan skin, black braids, and dark brown eyes. Her native American ensemble includes a light tan leather-like fringed dress with colorful beads and braid trim. Effanbee is not currently producing dolls with this sweet face. This retired doll is from a mold not currently being used, New and mint-in-the-box with plastic stand and certificate with information on Great Plains tribes. Expand listing to view the photograph and catalog picture.

Vintage Red Bakelite Beaded Necklace $350.00


Disney Hallmark Esmeralda Ornament from $27.00


Sequoia National Park Souvenir Ashtray / D $15.95


Effanbee Plains Indian L'il Innocents Do $40.00

Effanbee 1989 Blue Dress Outfit for 9 inch L'il Innocents dolls. This doll outfit includes a dress with a dark blue velvet bodice and light blue satin skirt; dark blue shoes with light blue bows; white tights; a white slip; and a pink plastic doll comb and brush set. L'il Innocents outfits also fit 9 inch Sammie dolls. Mint-in-the-box old stock.  This 1989 Effanbee 9 inch Li'l Innocents Germany vinyl doll has long blonde rooted hair, moving blue eyes, and a sweet, serious face. Her German national costume includes a black dress with colorful braid trim, a white eyelet apron, a long sleeved white blouse with lace trim, a black felt vest with gold ties, a red felt hat with a gold band and white feather, and black shoes.  A plastic stand is included. Effanbee is not currently making dolls from this mold. Mint-in-the box old stock. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Precious Moments Company Vinyl and Cloth Native American 12 inch Yakima Girl doll No. 1484, 1994-1996, Aquene which means 'Peace.' She has tan skin, fur covered black braids under a beaded straw hat, white earrings, dark teardrop eyes, and a smiling face. Her American Indian costume consists of a fringed tan suede dress with a blue, pink, yellow geometric print collar, colorful beads, and tan leather-look shoes. She is part of a limited edition of 7,500, that has been discontinued for several years. Retired dol is mint with her tag old stock.  Ty The Attic Treasures Allura, No. 6058, the small, jointed, retired tan flocked plush teddy bear is dressed in a red girl's bathing suit and blue and white innertube from her waist to shoulder. This teddy bear is about 8 inches tall. She was introduced on April 14, 1999 and retired on March 15, 2000. Her verse is 'Sunny Days are here again.' Mint and like new, with Ty tag.

Effanbee L'il Innocents Blue Dress Outfi $25.00


Effanbee L'il Innocents Germany Doll 198 $42.00


Precious Moments Aquene Yakima Native Am $65.00


Ty Attic Plush Allura Bear with Innertub $18.00

Ty, Inc. Rose, No. 6078, is a small jointed brown standing bunny rabbit Attic Plush wearing pink overalls with a rose on the bodice. Rose is 10 inches tall including her ears and is from approximately 1998. Rose was introduced on January 1, 1998 and retired on December 31, 1998. Her verse is 'Take Time to Smell the Roses!' Rose is in new and mint, with tag condition, and has not been exposed to smoke or unpleasant odors.  Ty, Inc. Ivy, No. 6076 is a small standing jointed white bunny rabbit Attic Plush who is wearing aqua overalls with a rose on the bodice. Ivy is 10 inches tall including ears and is from 1998. Ivy was introduced on January 1, 1998 and retired on December 31, 1998. The bunny's verse is 'Happy Spring.' This retired bunny rabbit is new, and mint, with tag. Has not been exposed to unpleasant odors.  Ty, Inc. Princess the retired plush deep Purple Bear Beanie Baby with a White Rose motif on her chest, No. 4300, which honored Princess Diana after her death. She was manufactured and sold in 1997. This bean bag bear is 7 to 8 inches tall in size. Princess was introduced in October, 1997. She was only available for a short time. Her tag contains a tribute to Princess Diana that starts:

'Like an angel, she comes from heaven above,

She shared compassion, her pain, her love,

She only stayed with us long enough to teach

The world to share, to give to reach.' Preowned, in mint condition. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.

 Ty, Inc. Quackers the Yellow Duck with Wings, No. 4024, retired Beanie Baby plush. This little duckling's birthday is April 19, 1994. Quackers was introduced January 7, 1995, and retired May 1, 1998. The size is between 7 an 8 inches. The verse on Quacker's tag is:

'There is a duck by the name of Quackers,

Every night he eats animal crackers,

He swims in a lake that's clear and blue,

But he'll come to the shore to be with you!'

Retired and mint condition with tag, and has not been exposed to smoke or other unpleasant odors. Expand listing to view both photographs.

Ty Rose Attic Plush Tan Bunny in Pink Ov $18.00


Ty Ivy Attic Plush White Bunny in Aqua O $18.00


Ty Princess the Purple Bear Beanie Baby $22.00


Ty Quackers Yellow Duck Beanie Baby with $15.00

<b>From the paper mache' series is this wide-eyed girl in a bright yellow dress and a candy apple.

Makers paper label on dress.  July label is missing.

Face has some crackling, minor paint lost on one curl.  Coca Cola glass with straw ceramic figurine was made by Enesco from 1993-1994. It is 5 inches in height. The figure represents a classic Coca Cola fountain glass that is filled with Coca Cola. Its colors are green, brown, and white. This figurine is new and mint-in-the-box.  <b>Decorative oriental multicolored bowl with gold trim designs.

This is the perfect accent bowl for small snacks such as peanuts, cashews, mixed nuts.  

Maker: Unknown

Mark: 8158  1998 Madame Alexander 8 inch Golf Boy Doll with a Maggie face, has a red wig, and moving blue eyes. This little golfing boy is dressed in brown and tan plaid ankle-length pants, a white shirt, a blue bow tie, a green jacket, a brown and tan plaid tam-type hat with a brown pompom, white socks, and tan shoes. He is holding his golf club. This boy doll looks like he stepped out of the 1920s. Mint-in-the-Box Old Stock with Tag, directly from Alexander Doll Co.

Josef Originals July Birthday Girl $18.50


Enesco Coca Cola Glass Ceramic Figurine $16.00


Small Vintage Lotus Bowl $12.95


1998 Madame Alexander Golf Boy Doll with $75.00

<b>Charming figurine done in unglazed bisque.

Marked in blue ink on bottom:  


1X0 (the 1 and 0 are overlaped by the X)  Produced by Vermont Mid-Century studio potter Stanley Ballard (1917-1960), who studied at Alfred University under some influential teachers while there: Marion Fosdick, Charles Harder, Clarence Merritt, and C. Katherine Nelson. He graduated from the highly respected Ceramic Program  of Alfred University in 1939 and started his studio in the Burlington area in 1945.  

This #43 biomorphic low freeform bowl measures 10 inches long x 6 inches wide. It has the rooster pattern which stands 7 inches tall. Excellent condition.

This is one of three patterns in the Animal Line. Along with the rooster/hen, there is Horse and Fish. I love the whimsical depiction of this hen.  Precious Moments Vinyl and Cloth Native American 12 inch Hopi Girl doll, No. 1483, 1994-1996, is named Yamka which means 'Flower Budding.'  She has tan skin, black double ponytails, dark teardrop-shaped eyes, and a smiling face. This American Indian, or Native American, girl doll's costume incudes a red dress with blue and tan braid waist band over a white blouse, turquoise earrings, beads, bracelet, and white boots. This doll is part of a limited edition of 7,500. This retired doll is mint with her tag old stock.  Precious Moments Company 12 inch vinyl and cloth cheerleader doll in orange and white issued in 1998 has a blonde rooted hair styled in a ponytail, painted blue teardrop-shaped eyes, and a smiling face. She is wearing an orange and white skirt over white shorts, an orange and white striped vest over a white shirt, white socks and white with orange sneakers. She is holding orange and white streamers and a white megaphone with orange letters that say 'PM'. Retired old stock doll is in like new, mint condition.

Vintage Boy and His Puppy Figurine $6.50


Ballard #43 rooster decorated low freefo $75.00


Precious Moments Co. Yamka Hopi Native A $65.00


Precious Moments Blonde Cheerleader Doll $45.00

Mattel 1987 Limited Edition Bisque Enchanted Evening Barbie reproduction of Classic late 1950s and early 1960s mold of 11.5 inch fashion doll with a blonde ponytail. This Barbie doll is mint-in-the-box and has never been removed though she has been displayed inside the foam insert to her box as part of my personal collection. She also has her original shipping container. The serial number of her box is 7582. She is dressed in a pink satin formal evening gown with white fur stole, pearl earrings, and pearl necklace. A stand and certificate are included. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.  Mattel 1993 Bob Mackie designer Barbie doll, Masquerade Ball. This 11.5 inch slender vinyl fashion doll has titian red hair and green painted eyes. She is dressed in a bright colorful beaded diamond pattern print close-fitting harlequin gown under a black overskirt with beads and train, red earrings, and a large elaborate hat with black feathers, high heels, and mask. The black overdress drapes over one shoulder and the colorful under dress drapes over the other shoulder. This doll is mint-in-box and never removed from inner box, though the box has been opened, and she has been displayed while still in her box. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Madame Alexander 2000 8 inch Yellow Hat Doll No. 25320, is a Wendy doll with her wig set in brunette curls, and moving blue eyes. Her ensemble includes a princess style high waist white dress with puffed sleeves, a large pale yellow hat with a red flower, white shoes with yellow bows, and she is holding a detailed miniature banjo.  New old stock is mint-in-the-box with tag.  Madame Alexander 2000 10 inch Yellow Daffodil No. 25620 Cissette doll's wig is styled in an auburn curly ponytail that is put up with a daffodil, and she has moving brown eyes, pearl earrings, and high heeled feet. Her shiny yellow long formal evening gown drapes over one shoulder and closes with a daffodil. There is also a white petal daffodil over the outer skirt, daffodils at her waist, long white gloves, and white high heel shoes. Mint-in-the-box old stock with tag, came directly from Alexander Doll Co. Expand listing to view both photographs.

Mattel Bisque Enchanted Evening Barbie 1 $450.00


1993 Mattel Bob Mackie Masquerade Ball B $525.00


Madame Alexander Yellow Hat Doll 2000 $95.00


Madame Alexander Yellow Daffodil Cissett $130.00


Sexy vocalist cat, Purrfect Pitch, is just one of the many musicians from Beswick offers.

Main colors: Black and red

Number: CC1

Made in England

Makers mark on bottom  

<b>Beautiful satin powder blue rose bowl has a crimped top and stands on three toes. 

Designed with a drapery pattern.

Unmarked, but would have had a paper label at one time.  

<b>A chain attaches this mama poodle and her babies together. 

Made of ceramic and accented with bows and tufts of fur.  

Paper label on bottom says Japan.

There is a small amount of glaze and paint loss. No chips or cracks.  

<b>Artist: Real Musgrave

Series: General

Stock No: 00837


Artist signed: November 1993

Beswick Cat 'Purrfect Pitch' $90.00


Fenton Satin Powder Blue Rose Bowl $85.00


Vintage Poodle Family ~ Made in Japan $24.95


Practice Makes Perfect Pocket Dragon ~ S $150.00

<b>Large white ceramic mixing bowl made in Portugal. 

Embossed grape & vine design on outer rim of bowl.  

Bowl measures: 10 inches across and 5.5 inches tall.

Marked on bottom:

The Cellar

Made in Portugal

Exclusively for FPD

c. 1996 FPD

New York, NY 10001

This bowl was made exclusively for Macy's. The FPD represents the Macy's located at:

11 Penn Plaza

New York, NY 10001  This is an approximately 9 inch Tall Fun World Made in Hong Kong Raggedy (company based in New York) hanging Raggedy-type doll with vinyl head and cloth bean bag body. We are not sure of this doll's date of manufacture, but she may be from the 1970s or 1980s. She has yellow-orange molded and painted hair with a green bow. She is wearing a red, white, and brown blouse with white collar, a brown skirt with a white apron, green and orange stockings, and brown shoes. Preowned by a serious collector, and in excellent condition.  

<b>This Stangl has pink floral design (one on each side) against a white background.  Rim is done in yellow.  

There is one flaw, which can be seen in the picture; a hairline crack measuring about 2 in.

 Madame Alexander 1998 10 inch Anna Karenina doll, has a Cissette body and brunette wig set in braids that are put up. She is wearing an elegant long cranberry white lace-trimmed dress, bustle, train, cameo, and rhinestone earrings.  She represents the main character from Leo Tolstoy's novel, 'Anna Karenina'. Anna Karenina'. Mint-in-the-box old stock with tag and dance card. Came directly from Alexander Doll Co.

The Cellar Embossed Mixing Bowl, Made Ex $22.00


Fun World Raggedy-Type Bean Bag Girl Dol $16.00


Miniature Stangl Garden Flower Jug $8.50


Madame Alexander Anna Karenina Doll 1998 $150.00


Beautifully done in the classic oriental style.

Framed by Decorative Arts in dark wood with a gold foil effect on beveled front. Under glass.

Stamped: Copyright R.T.V. Sales Inc. c.1963 CP. A  1998 Madame Alexander 8 inch Congratulations Maggie has a blonde wig with a deep pink hair bow and  moving blue eyes. Her costume includes a deep pink dress, white pinafore with balloon print, white socks, and pink shoes. Accessories include a bag of confetti, balloons, and a 'Congratulations' card. Retired, new and mint-in-the-box with tag. Expand listing to view both the photograph and the catalog picture.  1999 Madame Alexander 6 inch resin Santa's Little Helper Figurine representing the  8 inch Wendy little Elf Doll which was introduced in 1998. This figurine depicts a popular Madame Alexander Wendy doll with long red braids, green eyes, and pointed ears. She is wearing a green felt dress with red and white striped hem and collar, white puff sleeves with white stripes, and poinsettia motifs. Her pointed elf hat is green with red and white stripe brim, poinsettia motifs, and red pompom, and she is wearing pointed green shoes with red pompom toes and red and white striped stockings. Figurine is standing on a floor-type base. Llimited edition figurine is new, mint-in-the-box old stock, and includes its certificate and packing box.  Madame Alexander 2000 10 inch Madame Alexander Celebrates American Design, is a Cissette fashion doll with wig put up in auburn curls, and moving blue eyes. She is wearing a long pink evening gown with a black net ruffle and black flowers and lace trim, black earrings, a black bead necklace, and black shoes. Mint-in-the-box old stock with tag.This came directly from Aldexander Doll Co.

Vintage Japanese Print by R. T. V. Sales I $37.95


Madame Alexander Congratulations Maggie $80.00


Madame Alexander Santa's Little Helper E $30.00


Madame Alexander Celebrates American Des $160.00

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