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Beautifully done in the classic oriental style.

Framed by Decorative Arts in dark wood with a gold foil effect on beveled front. Under glass.

Stamped: Copyright R.T.V. Sales Inc. c.1963 CP. A  


This is a lovely rendition of a flower stand selling its wares.

It is simply charming. Originally Done in watercolor, which gives it that soft dream like effect.

Limited edition print number 78/1950</p>  

It is signed by Joy Evans in the bottom left hand corner in pencil just below her artist stamp. 


Print is under glass, it is double matted in light blue-gray and framed in a light oak wood frame.  Any glare is from lighting and not part of the print.  

*Some of the images may appear darker than the actual image; the first image shows the truest color scheme.</b>


Vintage Japanese Print by R. T. V. Sales I $37.95


'Flower Sale' by Joy Evans Ltd. Ed. Fram $35.00


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