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Every Generation has a woman for whom the world is not big enough...Emma Harte was that kind of woman.  From the moment you meet her, in a private jet en route to the skyscraping Manhattan headquarters of Harte Enterprises, you will be held inescapably in her spell: Born to an impoverished Yorkshire family, seduced and left pregnant at age 15, she was nevertheless blessed with an unshakable faith in herself and an implacable will to survive. Hers is the story of a woman who paid so high a price for love...that she'd pay any price for revenge.

Hard Cover with Dust Jacket: A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  Copyright 1979.  Book Club Edition.  Condition: Good.  Some wear to dust jacket.  Very old PLAIN TALES FROM THE HILLS, by Rudyard Kipling. Published in New York by A. L. Burt Company.  There is no publish date.  This book has quite a bit of wear on the cover.  It appears to have some moisture damage.  The last pages of the book include advertisements: A.L. Burt's Catalogue of Books for Young People by Popular Writers, 52-58 Duane Street, New York...Books For Boys...  Condition: fair/good. Readable copy.   

1979 A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE- Barbara Bradf $3.00


Plain Tales From The Hills - Kipling - O $2.00


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