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Softcover Storybook, Coloring Book and Small Size 33.33 rpm Record Set, 'Raggedy Ann and  Andy's Rainy Day Songs and Games', Bobbs-Merrill Company and Kid Stuff Records, 1980. This does not have an ISBN. The coloring book, which is in excellent condition, contains 16 pages. Its black and white pictures are intended to be colored. We have not tried to play the record. Because the record has some visible light scratches on both sides, this set is available at a reduced price. A note with the set says that the record narrates the book. The book and record's story contains the songs: 'The Farmer in the Dell', 'Little Bo Peep', ' Mary Had a Little Lamb', and 'Ring Around the Rosy.'  Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy are loveable rag doll characters created by Johnny Gruelle. This book was pre-owned by a serious collector and is a great addition to a collection or wonderful entertainment for children. The used book is in very good condition except for the noted flaw.   

Raggedy Ann & Andy's Rainy Day Songs Col $10.00


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