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<b>This little mallard duck is strutting his stuff!  

Hand painted  

<b>This lovely handpainted cow has a blue speckled pattern. 

Made of porcelain.

Maker unknown.  

<b>This hand painted baby is ready for a nap....or is he?!

Made of porcelain.  

<b>Papa Skunk is ready for anything!  Beautifully hand painted.

Made of porcelain.

Miniature Porcelain Mallard Duck $11.95


Vintage Blue Speckled Cow $45.00


Miniature Porcelain Baby Skunk $8.55


Miniature Porcelain Papa Skunk $10.55

<b>A chain attaches this mama poodle and her babies together. 

Made of ceramic and accented with bows and tufts of fur.  

Paper label on bottom says Japan.

There is a small amount of glaze and paint loss. No chips or cracks.   

Vintage Poodle Family ~ Made in Japan $24.95


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