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Artist: Hap Henriksen

Series: Collector's Fellowship

Stock: unknown

Fenwick is reading a book printed in runes, one of his self-taught languages...

This rather young dragon, Fenwick by name, has just emerged from a carefree childhood and entered a period in his life in which he has begun to seek the knowledge of the ages.  Many skills are required of a mature dragon, among which is the very important ability to foretell the future.  Fenwick intently studies his book of crystal gazing as he teaches himself to become a fierce and powerful adult.

Some of the early figurines that are part of the Pocket Dragon line were not created by Real Musgrave. They are all from the very early days of the Liliput Lane Land of Legend line. Self Taught was created by H. Henriksen. He also did Special Friends.

These dragons were only sent to a few early members of the collector's fellowship (pre-collector's club).

From 1991 these were no longer distributed and called 'mistakes'.

The label says Exclusive to Liliput Lane Land of Legends Collectors Fellowship for 1990 / 1991 SELF TAUGHT tm Hand made in Cumbria UK. Copyright 1990 Liliput Lane Land of Legend Limited. 

Comes with original box, but box does have two tears on one side. If you would like to have a picture of the tears, please email us a request.  

<b>This little dragon has a boo-boo, but never fear, both he and teddy were very brave!  Just look at their matching bandages.

Box has noticable wear and the lid has two tears along the closing flap.

Artist: Real Musgrave

Series: General

Stock: 00865  

<b>Oh no Teddy!  Look at what you did!

Artist: Real Musgrave

Series: General

Stock: 02849

Box has slight wear   

Fenwick the Self Taught Pocket Dragon $695.00


We're Very Brave Pocket Dragon $85.50


Spilt Milk Pocket Dragon $56.66


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