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<b>Clouds are high in the sky and it's a windy day on which Madame Monet and two other women became the subjects of Claude Monet's famous paintings of women holding parasols.  Set on a handmade glass bowl and accented in gold, the blue-hued artwork looks lovely on its own or holding accent pieces.

Includes Certificate of Quality

Handmade of Glass

Box has some damage

The Artis Orbis Collection of artistic gifts and home decor is a sensitive and genuine interpretation of world famous paintings.  As an everlasting anthem to love, beauty, and life, art brings joy to millions of people throughout the world.

Most items of the Goebel glass collection are blown by mouth and are thus unique.  Little air inclusions and unevenness do not reduce quality, but verify the complex production process in craftsmanship tradition.  In order to care for the valuable real gold covering, it is recommended to clean with a mild dishwashing liquid.  

<b>This little fella will just make you smile.  He is a wise old owl; just enjoying the view from his perch!

Impressed on base is:

1975 and 38307-07 

Makers mark:


W. Germany   

Artis Orbis Monet 'Femmes avec Parasol' $105.00


Vintage Goebel Owl Figurine - W. Germany $45.00


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