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1999 Little Red Riding Hood doll pin by Alexander Doll Company is a 2.5 inch tall representation of the Wendy doll that was introduced in 1991. She has auburn hair and is carrying a basket. She is dressed in green and red and on the way to her Grandmother's house.  It is one of several pins with matching figurines in the first series by Madame Alexander. Discontinued limited edition pin is mint-in-box old stock.  1999 Madame Alexander 6 inch resin-type bisque Happy Birthday Figurine depicts the 8 inch blonde Wendy doll with blue eyes that was  introduced in 1999. For her birthday celebration, she is wearing a colorful balloon print dress and pink Happy birthday crown like the full-sized doll did. This figurine stands on a floor-type base. Discontinued limited edition figurine is new, mint-in-the-box, and includes its certificate and packing box. Expand listing to view both photographs.  1999 Madame Alexander 6 inch resin Santa's Little Helper Figurine representing the  8 inch Wendy little Elf Doll which was introduced in 1998. This figurine depicts a popular Madame Alexander Wendy doll with long red braids, green eyes, and pointed ears. She is wearing a green felt dress with red and white striped hem and collar, white puff sleeves with white stripes, and poinsettia motifs. Her pointed elf hat is green with red and white stripe brim, poinsettia motifs, and red pompom, and she is wearing pointed green shoes with red pompom toes and red and white striped stockings. Figurine is standing on a floor-type base. Llimited edition figurine is new, mint-in-the-box old stock, and includes its certificate and packing box.  Madame Alexander 1999 Rapunzel figurine is a 6 inch bisque resin depicts the beautiful Wendy Rapunzel doll introduced in 1995. The figurine, like the doll, has very long blonde hair styled in a braid. She is dressed in a long pink Medieval-style gown with cone hat with a bit of cloth net.  It is one of several first series figurines by Alexander Doll Company. This  limited edition figurine is new old stock and mint-in-the-box with its certificate and packing box.

M. Alexander Little Red Riding Hood Resi $15.00


1999 Madame Alexander Happy Birthday Wen $30.00


Madame Alexander Santa's Little Helper E $30.00


Madame Alexander Rapunzel Figurine 1999 $30.00

1999 Alice figurine by Alexander Doll Company is a detailed bisque resin figurine represents the 1995 blonde Alice in Wonderland doll. She is wearing her classic blue dress and white apron with red piping. This blonde Alice figurine is 6 inches tall and stands on a game board. She is one of several figurines of dolls in the first resin figurine series done by Madame Alexander. This figurine is mint-in-the-box old stock, and includes its packing box and a certificate.   

Madame Alexander Alice Resin Figurine 19 $30.00


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