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Doll Guest Book, a hard cover, Dollmasters Exclusive has approximately 125 pages for guests to sign their names and addresses. The front and back covers contain colorful pictures of antique dolls, and a yellow ribbon marker. This book was published by Gold Horse Publishing in around 2000. It is new and unused. It is ideal for registering guests at a doll-related or antique function or other similar type of gathering. New old stock. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.  Paperback book, Rags, is a reproduction of an antique book by Gallery Graphics, Inc., No. 1303-0002, published in 1995, has 12 pages with color illustrations and a story of a girl rag doll much like Raggedy Ann. This charming children's book is told from the Rag Doll character's point of view her joys and trial. It is illustrated by Fern Bisel Peate. There are no references to an ISBN number for this version of this book anywhere on it or in online references to it. This book was pre-owned by serious Raggedy collector, and is in excellent condition with all pages and intact cover.  Australian Dolls, Bears, and Collectables Address Book is illustrated with color pictures of dolls and bears. The soft-covered, spiral bound address book was published by Express Publi. Pty Ltd, New South Wales in Australia, and it is 5 inch by 7 inches in size. Its publication date is unknown, but this address book came from its distributor in 1995 shortly after it was published. It is new old stock. It has 20 color photos of modern and antique Australian dolls, bears, and toys. There is plenty of space for names, addresses, and several phones numbers with contacts arranged in alphabetical order. This is the perfect gift for doll and teddy bear collectors or for an older girl. In new and mint condition. Expand listing to view both the photograph of the cover and another photo of an inside page.   

Beautiful Doll Guest Book Antique Pictur $25.00


Rags, illustrated by Fern Bisel Peat, Ga $10.00


Dolls, Bears, and Collectables Address B $18.00


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