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<b>Beautifully elegant green 2 piece dish with etched floral pattern.  

Ball handle top fits snuggly on a round bowl with a short ball and stemmed foot. 

As was typical of this era, there are a few small bubbles in the glass. 

There are some noted flaws on the rim edge of bowl.  There are 4 minor flea bite chips, 3 on the inside of rim and 1 on the outside of rim.  There is what I believe is a factory flaw on the inside rim of lid.   The flaws are not visible with the lid on.  The picture has been enlarged to view the flaws easier.  

Overall, this is a beautiful piece. 

Maker: Unknown.

Do you know anything about this piece?  We appreciate your knowledge and look forward to hearing from you!   

Green Depression Glass Etched Candy Dish $45.00


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