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<b><font color=black>The Promontory Point glass is from Series VII: The Continent and Beyond.

<u>Historical fact:</u></font>

<font color=purple>The place was Promontory, Utah.  The date was May 10, 1869.  Two locomotives, the Jupiter and the 119, moved slowly toward each other under this flag of thirty-seven stars.  They met to the cheers of a large crowd, and a golden spike was driven into a tie.  The final section of the rail was completed, and our continent was linked east to west.</font>

<font color=black><u>A Glass is Born:</u></font><font color=green>

In honor of America's Bicentennial, the National Flag Foundation commissioned Don Hewitt to execute a series of paintings depicting flags that played an important role in America's History.  These paintings are in the Heritage Collection at Flag Plaza in Pittburgh.  Anchor Hocking marketed Hewitt's designs for the National Flag Foundation Bicentennial 200 Collection.</font>  

<font color=black>This collection of glasses consisted of a set of 21 and 7 series.</font>


<b>Beautifully hand painted in fall colors.

Perfect for just the two of you.

According to the bartenders guide, these are red wine glasses.  But white wine will do in a pinch!   

The Continent & Beyond; Promontory Point $12.95


2 Long Stem Hand Painted Wine Glasses $8.00


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