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<b>Bring a smile to your table with this hand painted figural teapot.  

Makers Mark:

Made in England (incised underglaze)

Master Piggy 

Tony Wood Studio (in black)


<font color=darkgreen><u>Historical background:</u>     

The name of Wood & Sons in Staffordshire has been famous since the late 18th century and has had links with such famous names as Alfred Rhead, Charlotte Rhead and Susie Cooper. Tony Wood was a ninth generation direct descendant of Ralph Wood and he established his own pottery at various sites in Stoke-on-Trent between 1980 and the early to mid 90's. The Tony Wood Studios, with Wilf Blandford as the main modeller, became famous for the range of novelty teapots that are so collected today. </font>


Mister Piggy Teapot by Tony Woods $65.00


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