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MCA Universal's 'Born on the Fourth of July' VHS R-rated movie starring Tom Cruise from 1989-90, is in Color, is 2 hours 25 minutes long. Its ISBN number is 1-55880-165-0. This movie is the true story of an embittered Vietnam War veteran.  This VHS is the original movie, and has its own cover; it is not a copy. It is in excellent condition, and has only been viewed once. Expand listing to view both photographs.  CBS Fox Double VHS The Sound of Music from the Rogers and Hammerstein Collection from 1965 Musical color movie of the Von Trapp family in Austria. All songs have become classics, and they are beautifully performed in this musical movie. This VHS tape is from 1990 and has only been viewed a few times. Because I have the DVD, I am selling this VHS version of the movie from my personal collection. It is a heartwarming story and gorgeous scenery. The main stars are Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  This is the original double set of VHS tapes, and it has its original cover. It is not a copy. It is in excellent condition. The ISBN numbers are 10: 0793918294 and 13: 9780793918294. Expand listing to view both photographs.  Paramount's 'Star Trek Nemesis A Generation's Final Journey Begins' is the Widescreen DVD version, has more than 3 hours of bonus material and 7 deleted scenes. The Star Trek actors of this movie are mostly from Star Trek Next Generation. Some major scenes in the film include Troi and Commander Riker's wedding; Captain Picard's meeting with a deadly foe, and Data making the ultimate sacrifice. This DVD is from 2002, is in color, is 116 minutes long, and rated PG-13; the  ISBN no is 0-7921-8704-0.  This qualifies for insured U.S.P.S. media rates for lowest priced shipping if shipping time does not matter; please note your request in the comments section, and shipping will be adjusted. Brand new, never used, and sealed; this is the original DVD and not a copy. Expand listing to view both photographs.   

Born on the Fourth of July VHS Video Mov $10.00


The Sound of Music VHS Color Movie $18.00


Star Trek Nemesis DVD Widescreen Movie $20.00


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