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<b>This is a beautiful rendition of the french countryside as seen through the eyes of artist Michel Julien.

This limited edition piece is called, "Une journée au bord de l'eau" which literally translates to, "A daytime at the edge of water."

The plate is the premiere issue in the series of captivating plates called "Paysages de la France" (Landscapes of France).

Limited to 150 firing days.

Plate is numbered: MF 507

Signed by artist Michel Julien

The finishing touch is this classic wood frame by Van Hygan & Smythe. It adds style and beauty to this piece and keeps it secure and ready to hang.

There are two tiny nicks in the frame on the right hand side. See picture. Not very noticible, but must be mentioned.  

<b>White Limoges porcelain is the back drop for this courtship scene.  Accented with a reddish rim and gold trim. 

A stunning tribute to pipe smokers.

Marked: Limoges France.  <b>Blue outer rim with heavy gold trimmings.  Center of plate has courtship scene. Elongated scallop edging.

Back stamp (gold): 



Comes with plate stand/hanger  <b>Lavender, blue, yellow floral spray.  Deep scalloped edging.  Gold accent trim.


Coiffe, Mark 3, underglaze white ware Mark in green with LIMOGES, FRANCE

B. & H. (Blake & Henderson), Mark 1, circle mark with intials, overglaze mark in green.

Michel Julien " Une journée au bord $59.95


Lovely Miniature French Limoges Victoria $37.00


French Limoges Courtship Plate $25.00


French Limoges Blakeman & Henderson Pla $295.00


French Limoges figural portrait of a portly gentleman holding a wine glass, artisted signed, 'Durkee.'  

Stamped T & V (Tresseman & Vogt), Limoges France in green.  

Handpainted.  <b>

French Limoges figural portrait of a monk smelling a flower on one side and fruit on the other.  

Green back stamp underglaze reads:  J.P over L.  Handpainted.  <b>Handpainted souvenir dish.

Marked in green underglaze: T&V (Tressemann & Vogt) Limoges France  

<b>Hand painted miniature porcelain purse tinket box.

Colors: pink, purple, blue, green and gold.

  Bottom is marked:

 Peint Main Limoges D.P. 45.

Marked inside: 45.

T & V (Tressemann & Vogt) French Limoges $350.00


Jean Pouyat Limoges Mug / Tankard $295.00


George & Martha Washington French Limoge $55.00


French Limoges Hand Painted Floral Minia $145.00

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