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2007 Briar Patch Fancy Nancy Bedroom Game is for 2 to 4 players from age 5 up. This game is based on the character by Robin Preiss Glasser with illustrations by Jane O'Connor. The game was invented by Sophie Robertson. This new, sealed game has 1 Color Die, 4 bedroom game boards, and 40 Posh cards including 14 purple 'Let's Get Fancy!' cards, 18 pink 'Accessory' cards, and 8 blue 'Oops!' cards. The object of the game is for players to help Fancy Nancy transform her bedroom from plain to posh! The first player to complete the makeover wins. Game is too complex for the youngest children, but is good for early school age girls. It is also great for collectors to display with Fancy Nancy dolls and accessories.   The ISBN nos. are ISBN 13: 9781596311312 and ISBN 10: 1-59631-131-2.   

Fancy Nancy Posh Bedroom Game $18.00


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