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This beautiful Roseville jardiniere is from the Futura line of the Roseville Pottery Company.   This piece was produced by the Roseville Pottery Company in 1928.  It comes in two colors combinations, this one in what is referred to as the gray pink combo is the scarcer of the two.  

Shown on page 37  of the Collectors' Compendium of Roseville Pottery by Randall B. Monsen, printed in 1995, one can see it clearly there.  The jardiniere was produced in a 6 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 9 inch and 10 inch size.  This is the hard to find 9 inch jardiniere.

 Jacques Potin "Les Parasols Rouges" lithograph.  Potin was born in 1920. A very similar but smaller 11 x 13¾ in. (27.9 x 35 cm.), unframed painting was Lot 66 at a Christie's 2008 auction. This lithograph itself measures 20 inches wide x 14 3/4 inches high.  The mat is 4" wide and the frame measures 27 inches x 22 inches.  The lower left is artist-signed "Epreuve d'artste" (Artist's Proof) and the lower right Jacques Potin in pencil.  

The back has the title, the word Lithographie in French and the artist's signature.  On the stretcher is a piece of green paper with "Lithograph, Detruit, Paris" and a red paper star attached to it. Now "detruit" means destroyed in French, so not sure to what the "detruit" refers. Also, there is a paper label  of the framer Lexington Gallery in New York City as well as the Skinner Gallery label which states 1378 Lot !5. That is where I purchased it in 1991 for $275.00.  It is in good shape though the frame bottom corners seem a bit loose but that is how I purchased it at Skinner's.  This Webster Star Band Corona ribbon tin is 2 3/16 inch wide. A tan background sets off the red circle with a black star in the center. Made by the F. S. Webster Co. of Boston MA. This tin carried a black 312 Corona 3 A R ribbon. There is some discoloration on the lower left hand corner from sticker residue, but I have not cleaned it. I will leave that to an expert collector.  This two piece set consists of a classic Devilbiss Art Deco stoppered perfume bottle and an atomizer. The stems on each bottle are amber glass. The body is black painted glass with graduated stripes of gold on the body. The atomizer cord has been replaced. Otherwise, this set is in original excellent condition

Roseville: Deco Futura 616-9 gray pink $550.00


Jacques Potin " Les Parasols Rouges& $500.00


The Webster Star Band Corona ribbon tin $10.00


Devilbiss black gold perfume & atomizer $250.00

This Pigeon brand ribbon tin once carried a Smith-Corona black record ribbon for the K adding machines. Its design is pure Art Deco. Black background on front and sides with the typical 3 line wide Speed lines through the Smith-Corona name. A great font carries the Pigeon name and there is a silhouette pigeon just above. The tin is in very good condition overall with some  wear to the printing on the back.   

Smith-Corona Pigeon Art Deco typewriter $10.00


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