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<b>Stylish design set in beautiful bold colors.

Made in England

Baret Ware Art Grace

Ming Compote No. 138

There is some minor surface scratches here and there, which are hard to see unless you look for them.  But this does not distract from such a lovely piece. 

Maker's mark on bottom.  

<b>The front center has the house of Paul Revere embossed on a Armetale metal plate. The metal is a unique, non-toxic aluminum-based alloy.


Incised back stamp:

Wilton-Columbia PA USA


RWP in a circle

On the front outer rim is some scuff/scratch marks from use.    

Vintage Baret Ware Ming Compote Tin - En $45.00


The Paul Revere House Plate by Wilton Ar $17.95


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