War Between the States

4 pages.

Advertisement on the front page for S.M. West, Auctioneer and Commission merchants, in which they advertise the goods they sell, among those listed are negroes at 1 per cent commission. There is also an illustrated front page ad for Cherokee Remedy- An Unfailing Cure for Gonorrhea and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs.

Political Notice for the National Democratic Nominations of the Honorable John C. Breckenridge, of Kentucky, for President, and General Joseph Lane, of Oregon, For Vice President. Includes List of Electors for President & Vice President. Among those listed are Alfred M. Scales of Rockingham, a future Confederate General.

Notice of a Democratic Meeting: A Meeting of the Democratic Party of New Hanover County, will be held at the Court House, in the town of Wilmington, on Tuesday Evening, Oct. 23d, 1860, at 8 o'clock. Hon. Warren Wilson, and other distinguished Speakers will address the Meeting.

The Pennsylvania Election: the following is a brief quote from this article. "from all the indications it would appear that Pennsylvania has gone for Curtin, the Black Republican candidate for Governor. The effect of this can hardly be over estimated. We hardly think that the majority of the voters of Pennsylvania care much about the negro. We rather think they don't. They don't care to interfere with us just now in that way. Perhaps they would be willing to let us alone, on condition of our paying them Black Mail. The protection which the tariff now gives to iron is some 24 per cent. It is, near as may be, a bonus of 24 per cent, given to the Pennsylvania iron maker. We have railroads to build, ploughs to make, horses to shoe- a thousand useful and necessary things to do with iron; then why should we be made to pay tribute to our railroads- our agriculture- our machinery, simply that Pennsylvania Iron Masters may get rich at our expense?They buy our cotton, our rice, our turpentine, at its original market price, unprotected and unenhanced by any tariff.....If the demand for tribute on one hand, and submission to its payments on the other, be the condition of Union, what, may we ask, is that Union worth? Is it a Union of equals? Or is it a Union of masters and slaves? Surely our fellow citizens of Pennsylvania must be very confident of their own strength- very certain of our weakness and imbecility when they deliberately and undisguisedly make this issue. In good highway phrase it is, "Your money or your life." They think like the shoe and bootmakers of Massachusetts that the North cannot make boots enough to kick us out of the Union; for we have heard this very thing said by men who made and make goods for the Southern market." The article closes with some other strong comments...."we would teach them the South, and particularly the State of North Carolina, is not quite at their mercy. We trust that the coming session of our Legislature will at least use all its constitutional powers in this direction, if in none other. However for North Carolina goes, we go with her." (More content. One can certainly see how the tensions were rising between North and South as is evidenced in this article, and in 6 months, the country would be embroiled in civil war!

Horrible Murders in Calhoun County, Florida. The County in a state of Insurrection. The Law Violated and Officers set at Defiance.

Black Republicanism: Among the inscriptions upon the banners which were carried in the procession at the great Black Republican Meeting in Pittsburg were: "The South, the Austria of the United States." "The Irrepressible Conflict." "We Honor the Memory of John Brown." Like the vengeance breathing speeches of Seward, Sumner, Lovejoy and Carl Schurz, who denounced the dead Fathers of American independence- as "hypocrites and humbuggers" and, like the bitter Southern hating articles of the entire Republican press, they are the idle expressions of "small politicians" and "small newspapers."

Advertisement for The 3d Session of The North Carolina Military Institute. Applications and admissions should be sent to Major D.H. Hill. Hill would later go on to fame as a Confederate General.

Negro Woman For Sale. A Likely Negro Woman- 23 years of age, a good Cook, Washer and Ironer- sound and healthy. Sold for no fault. Gwyer, Peacock & Co.

There are a couple of ads for negro clothing. One reads: To Planters; Yards of North Carolina Kerseys, with a large stock of Negro Cloth. Negro Blankets, Linseys, Homespuns, and Sheetings. 100 dozen Negro Wool Shirts- very cheap.

There is a lengthy section of the paper dedicated to the Laws of the United States that were passed at the first session of the 36th Congress.

Other advertisements for the sale of cotton, and cotton gins, numerous medical related ads, groceries and all kinds of assorted goods, shipping, railroads, business and professional, auctions, land, and much more.

Left edge of the newspaper shows typical chipping from once being in a bound volume. Overall in very fine condition. Excellent content North Carolina newspaper published shortly before the start of The War Between The States.

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