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Welcome to Time Was Antiques! Your home for quality antiques, collectibles, antique and vintage jewelry and more, most with an British accent. Welcome. Cuppa tea,then?

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"There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea" Henry James

A Shelley China Cabinet Collection

 Shelley China Teapots and Coffee Pots Also Wileman (13) 
 Shelley China, Wileman Teacups and Saucers, Teacup Trios (107) 
 Shelley China, Wileman, The Foley Dinnerware And Misc Dishes (88) 
 Shelley England Art Pottery and Decorative Pieces (15) 

Absolute Tea Table Essentials

 Biscuit Jar, Cracker Jar, Biscuit Barrel, Cookie Jar, Biscuit Tins (27) 
 Butter Pats, Butter Chips (36) 
 Cream And Sugar, Creamers And Sugar Bowls Or Basins (83) 
 English Cups and Saucers, Teacup Trios, Not Grouped By Name (61) 
 Jam Jars, Honey Jars, Condiment Holders (12) 
 Knife Rests (45) 
 Mugs For Tea and Coffee (100) 
 Napkin Rings - - Antique and Vintage (18) 
 Non English, Cups and Saucers, Teacup Trios Not Grouped By Name (19) 
 Salt and Pepper Shakers (22) 
 Salt Dips, Open Salts Or Salt Dishes (46) 
 Sugar Shakers, Muffineers, Sugar Casters, Sugar Sifting Spoons (11) 
 Sugar Tongs, Sugar Nips (29) 
 Tablecloths For Dining Table, Tea Table Or Card Table (6) 
 Tea Caddies, Tea Tins, Canisters (37) 
 Tea Caddy Spoons, Caddy Spoons, Tea Scoops (18) 
 Tea Cosies or Tea Cozies, Linens (20) 
 Tea Strainers, Drainers ,Tea Bag Caddies and Teapot Drip Catchers (84) 
 Tea Towels (20) 
 Teapots And Coffee Pots (91) 
 Toast Racks (8) 


 Antiques and Collectibles Reference Books (8) 
 Books - British Royal Family (22) 
 Books - Home And Garden (1) 
 Books - Shakespeare (1) 
 Books About England (10) 
 Programs With British or Royal Connections Programmes (19) 

China Porcelain Pottery

 Adams (6) 
 Adderley China, Royal Adderley, Adderleys (7) 
 American Miscellaneous (10) 
 Art Pottery - Misc Countries And Eras (22) 
 Aynsley China (11) 
 Bavaria, Bavarian Maufacturers (22) 
 Belleek, Irish (4) 
 Bing And Grondahl - Royal Copenhagen (17) 
 Brastoff, Sascha - Sascha Brastoff (1) 
 Carlton Ware, Carlton (6) 
 Character Jugs, Toby Jugs (14) 
 Chelsea, Royal Chelsea, New Chelsea (7) 
 Chintz Patterns All Over Patterned China (31) 
 Clarice Cliff (7) 
 Coalport (6) 
 Colclough, Booths (7) 
 Cottageware, Cottage Ware (12) 
 Crown Staffordshire (6) 
 Cups and Saucers Without Partners - - Orphans (16) 
 Czechoslovakia (2) 
 Delft, Delfts Blue And White Delftware (8) 
 Dudson (3) 
 Dunoon China, England And Scotland (20) 
 Elizabethan, Taylor and Kent (4) 
 Emma Bridgewater (3) 
 England - Miscellaneous Manufacturers - - China Pottery and Porcelain (109) 
 English Ironstone Tableware, EIT (3) 
 European Ceramics Pottery Porcelain China (22) 
 Favolina (1) 
 Figural Handles (6) 
 Flow Blue (7) 
 Foley E. Brain (2) 
 Franciscan (2) 
 Frankoma (1) 
 Fuji (1) 
 George Jones and Sons, Crescent China (11) 
 Gibson (4) 
 Goebel and Hummel West Germany (5) 
 Grindley (4) 
 Grosvenor (1) 
 Hagen Renaker Horses (1) 
 Hammersley (2) 
 Herend, Fischer Herend, Hungary (1) 
 Homer Laughlin (5) 
 Imari Pattern China, Gaudy Welsh, Gaudy English (16) 
 Ironstone (32) 
 James Kent, Old Foley (5) 
 Japan, Misc (7) 
 Jasperware or Jasper From Wedgwood, Adams and Others (91) 
 Johnson Brothers (25) 
 Lancaster & Sandland, England (6) 
 Liberty Blue (1) 
 Limoges France (4) 
 Masons (25) 
 McCoy (1) 
 Meakin, Alfred (9) 
 Meakin, J and G (6) 
 Midwinter (10) 
 Miniature Tea Cups and Saucers and Other Items (10) 
 Minton, Mintons (2) 
 Mottoware, Torquay Ware, Motto Ware, Devon Ware (28) 
 Myott (7) 
 Nippon period (2) 
 Noritake (13) 
 Occupied Japan (12) 
 Paragon China (7) 
 Pottery Crocks (1) 
 Price Kensington - Price Brothers - Kensington (10) 
 Queen Anne (4) 
 Regency (2) 
 Ridgway, Ridgways (2) 
 Rosina China, Queens China England (8) 
 Royal Albert China (40) 
 Royal Ascot (2) 
 Royal Copenhagen (4) 
 Royal Crown Derby (4) 
 Royal Doulton, Doulton of Lambeth (24) 
 Royal Grafton China, Grafton (9) 
 Royal Patrician (16) 
 Royal Stafford China (9) 
 Royal Standard (2) 
 Royal Vale (1) 
 Royal Vienna (1) 
 Royal Winton and Grimwades (23) 
 Royal Worcester, Worcester (28) 
 Sadler (8) 
 Souvenir China Including Crested China (91) 
 Spode, Copeland's Spode, Copelands (15) 
 Staffordshire (57) 
 Staffordshire Posies - - Hand Made English Bone China Flower Items (9) 
 Stangl Pottery (3) 
 Susie Cooper (8) 
 Sylvac, SylvaCeramics (5) 
 Taylor Smith and Taylor (2) 
 Transferware (146) 
 Tuscan, Plant Tuscan, Royal Tuscan (7) 
 Van Briggle Pottery (2) 
 Victoria, Cartwright & Edwards, Royal Victoria (1) 
 Wade, England (2) 
 Wedgwood (134) 
 Windsor, Royal Windsor (3) 
 Winterling (11) 
 Wood and Sons (11) 
 Wood Arthur (2) 

English Royal Commemoratives

 Edward VIII Uncrowned and Abdicated (8) 
 King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra (2) 
 King George V and Queen Mary (20) 
 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (28) 
 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (6) 
 Prince Charles and Camilla Parker - Bowles (1) 
 Prince Charles and Lady Diana, Princess Diana, Prince William And Harry (92) 
 Prince William and Catherine, Will And Kate, Prince George (24) 
 Princess Anne (2) 
 Princess Margaret (4) 
 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip (79) 
 Queen Victoria (7) 

Fine Art

 Art - - Signed Prints (5) 
 Fine Art - Cast Bronze (1) 
 Folk Art (1) 
 Mid Century, Retro Art - Sascha Brastoff (1) 
 Temple Rubbing Vintage Thailand Brass Rubbing (1) 

Furniture and Accessories

 Boxes - - Decorative (26) 
 Candle Holders (13) 
 Desk And Office Accessories (31) 
 Mirrors and Wall Decor (15) 
 Vintage Clocks (1) 


 Art Glass (24) 
 Cobalt Blue Glass (7) 
 Elegant Glass, Early American Pattern, EAPG (5) 
 Fenton Glass Company (3) 
 Glass, Brilliant Cut, Crystal (42) 
 Glass, Milk Glass (14) 
 Glass, Pressed Glass (40) 
 Glass, Vintage and Retro (65) 

Holiday Related Items

 Christmas China and Tea Ware (24) 
 Christmas Decorations and Decorative Items (92) 
 Easter (1) 
 Mother's Day, Mothering Sunday, Father's Day (6) 
 St. Patrick's Day (7) 


 Costume Jewelry - Cloisonne 1970s (31) 
 Costume Jewelry Antique and Vintage (25) 
 Costume Jewelry Bakelite and Plastics (4) 
 Costume Jewelry Contemporary (9) 
 Costume Jewelry Vintage Figural (8) 
 Costume Jewelry Vintage Rhinestone (21) 
 Costume Jewelry Vintage Signed (20) 
 Costume Jewelry Vintage Unsigned (11) 
 Fine Jewelry 1950 - 1970s (35) 
 Fine Jewelry 1970 - 1980s Contemporary (6) 
 Fine Jewelry Art Nouveau and Art Deco 1900 - 1935 (9) 
 Fine Jewelry Retro 1935-1950 (4) 
 Fine Jewelry Victorian Edwardian Era 1880-1910 (12) 
 Jewelry Boxes (10) 
 Loose Stones (3) 
 Pocketwatches, Pocket Watch Keys, Pocket Watch Fobs, Watch Holders (10) 
 Steampunk (5) 
 Sterling Silver Jewelry Antique (8) 
 Sterling Silver Jewelry Mexican (4) 
 Sterling Silver Jewelry Vintage (34) 
 Vintage Egyptian Jewelry 1974 King Tut Exhibit San Francisco (11) 
 Wristwatches, Watches, Pendant Watches (5) 

Kitchen Collectibles Kitchenalia

 Bone Dishes Crescent Shaped--Kitchen Collectibles (4) 
 Bread Bins, Bread Boxes English Enamel or enamelware (1) 
 Egg Cups, Egg Coddlers, Egg Separators--Kitchen Collectibles (74) 
 Graniteware and Enamelware (3) 
 Kitchen Gadgets, Vintage (44) 
 Kitchen Utensils, Vintage (4) 
 Miscellaneous Kitchen Ceramics (23) 
 Molds or Moulds - Ceramic, Metal or Glass Pudding, Jelly or Baking Molds (8) 
 Pie Birds, Pie Vents, Pie Funnels (12) 
 Pot Lids Victorian Pottery Container Lids (3) 
 Pyrex (1) 
 Tin Items - Kitchenalia (41) 
 Toothpick Holders or Toothpicks (10) 
 Trivets Teapot Stands (4) 
 Woodenware, Treen, Kitchen Miscellaneous (7) 

Linens And Textiles

 Doilies Vintage and Antique (3) 
 Miscellaneous Vintage Linens (17) 
 Runners And Vintage Dressing Table Covers (5) 
 Table Linen - Tablecloths, Napkins (9) 
 Tea Towels, Souvenir Tea Towels, Dish Towels, Hand Towels (16) 


 Advertising--Vintage Items With Advertising, Food Related (30) 
 Boxes And Tins (17) 
 Coins and Currency - Paper Money - World (1) 
 Coins and Currency - Coins - Commemorative (4) 
 Coins and Currency - South Africa (1) 
 Collectible Souvenir Spoons, Commemorative Spoons (23) 
 Collector Badges And Buttons, Pin Back Clutch Back (3) 
 Collector Plates (33) 
 Collector Plates - Bing and Grondahl - Royal Copenhagen (18) 
 Crate Labels (8) 
 Cruise Line Memorabilia Sailing (9) 
 Dickens Ware And Memorabilia (11) 
 Dolls Souvenir Foreign Costume (5) 
 Fairings, Victorian Carnival Prizes - Amusement Park (9) 
 Figurines - Misc Animals and Birds (5) 
 Figurines Miscellaneous People and Things (6) 
 Horse Brasses, Pub Brasses, Souvenir Brasses (53) 
 Medals Royal Memorabilia and Historical (11) 
 Newspapers, Historical (2) 
 Olympic Memorabilia (6) 
 Paper and Ephemera - Matchbooks (1) 
 Political Memorabilia (8) 
 Postcards Artist Signed (8) 
 Postcards For Christmas (12) 
 Tea Cards, Cigarette Cards (6) 
 Transportation - Airlines (3) 
 Travel Related - - Vintage Souvenirs (77) 

Metalware Other Than Silver

 Brass (38) 
 Bronze (2) 
 Cast Iron Items (14) 
 Copper (8) 
 Pewter (4) 
 Tin Items (27) 

Miscellaneous, Odds And Ends, Bits And Bobs

 Miscellaneous, Odds And Ends, Bits And Bobs (45) 

Pets And Animal Related

 Animal Figurines, Miscellaneous (4) 
 Bears (2) 
 Birds (63) 
 Butterflies, Bees, Insects (5) 
 Cats (3) 
 Deer, Stag, Buck (10) 
 Dogs (14) 
 Ducks And Geese (7) 
 Elephants (1) 
 Fish (5) 
 Giraffe (1) 
 Hedgehog (1) 
 Horses (26) 
 Lions, Tigers (5) 
 Rabbits, Bunnies (2) 
 Raccoons (1) 
 Sheep, Lambs (1) 
 Squirrels (4) 


 Photograph Albums (2) 
 Photographs - Cabinet Card Photos (6) 
 Photographs - Other Antique And Vintage (1) 
 Photos - Tintypes (1) 


 Silver Plated Flatware (25) 
 Silver Plated Items For the Table or Hollow Ware (18) 
 Silver Plated Items Miscellaneous (70) 
 Silver Plated Souvenir Spoons (16) 
 Silver Sterling Flatware (24) 
 Silver Sterling Miscellaneous Items (45) 
 Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons (10) 

Tobacciana and Brewerania, Alcohol Or Tobacco Related

 Brewerania, Drink Related Collectibles (7) 
 Cigarette Cards, Trading Cards (1) 
 Cigarette Lighters, Vintage And Retro (2) 
 Tobacciana, Tobacco and Smoking Related (26) 

Toys, Games And Miniatures, Vintage And Antique

 Character Collectibles (16) 
 Children's Dishes (6) 
 Toys Playing Cards and Games Vintage (4) 

Vintage Clothing and Accessories

 Compacts (2) 
 Handkerchiefs, Hankies Vintage And Antique (9) 
 Hat Pins , Hat Pin Holders, Hatpin, Stick Pins (17) 
 Pomanders, China Scent Holders, Pot Pourri (3) 
 Purses--Antique and Vintage (7) 
 Sweaters, Ponchos - Vintage (3) 
 Vanity Items (46) 
 Vintage Accessories (27) 

Vintage Hardware and Architectural Items

 Tiles, Antique and Vintage Pottery Tiles Ceramic (5) 
 Vintage Hardware - Door Knobs Cabinet Knobs Other Hardware (8) 

Vintage Sewing Collectibles

 Antique Lace Making Bobbins, Pillow Lace (10) 
 Buttons - Antique - Vintage (3) 
 Darning Mushrooms, Darning Eggs (7) 
 Lace (6) 
 Thimbles (38) 
 Vintage Sewing , Sewing Related Tools And Accessories (15) 
 Vintage Sewing - Trims (8) 

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We have been featured in Southeastern Antiquing magazine and Tea Time magazine, our photos and descriptions in Schroeder's Antiques and Collectibles Guide and have been invited to be included in the upcoming invitation only Schroeder's Guide to Internet Antique and Collectible sites.

We are proud to advertise in Tea Time Magazine and The Tea House Times. These are fine publications dedicated to the art and accoutrements of taking tea. Yum!!!

We are members of the United States, English and Australian Shelley China Societies. We are also members Torquay Pottery Collectors Association and Transferware Collectors Society.

We are so happy you visited our webshop, Time Was Antiques! We keep an ever growing inventory of English antiques, uniques, tea related items and collectibles with a British accent. Please browse....We specialize in Shelley China and always have over 200 items of Shelley in stock.... If you have any questions or are looking for something in particular use the Ask A Question feature or Contact Us. We have over 6,000 items with only a portion being here on the webstore. We might have what you are looking for even if we haven't added it yet to our online inventory. Have fun and visit often!...We go to England every year for a month to find special treasures for Time Was Antiques and add items almost daily. Bookmark us and check back often!

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