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  • Price: $675.00
    Solomon Islands Carved Pregnant Figure
    Solomon Islands Carved Pregnant Female Figure 20th Century Size: 16 H x 8 W x 4 D Inlaid with Mother of Pearl? and other shell piece facial and upper body decorations. Back of head is carved to represent hair Condition: Large split in back and smaller ones in front consistent with age. The figure is in good stable condition. Several of the inlaid pieces are missing (one side of mouth, two decorations on upper body. Markings: none Weight: Approx. 3 lbs. From a private collection. Age thought to be mid 20th Century or earlier She has been in my collection of Melanesian Art since the 1980's.
  • Price: $240.00
    Brass Folk Art Horseman - India
    Folk Art Horseman from India - 20th Century Folk Art Horseman cast by hand in solid brass using the lost wax process, this antiqued sculpture from India is based on a Middle Asian primitive folk art wood carving (circa 1500 A.D.) Size: 9 L x 6¼ H x 2½ D Weight: 4 lbs. 6 Oz's. Condition: very good Markings: None
  • Price: $74.95
    Unusual Glass/brass Vanity Box - India
    Vintage Unusual Oval Glass Brass Vanity Dresser/Trinket Box Decorative dresser jar/trinket box made of solid brass encased around clear bulbous glass pieces. Size: 7¾ H x 5½ W x 5 D Condition: very good - no chips, cracks or flea bites Markings: paper foil label on bottom: Made in India Weight: 3½ lbs. Estate Sale find in Missoula, Montana
  • Price: $40.00
    Thai Temple Dancer Bottle Opener
    Thai Temple Dancer Bottle Opener - Advertising Piece Size: 6 H x 2 W Condition: very good Markings: on back: James Quality Jewelers Limited Partnership with address in Bangkok, Thailand Round the World Mail Order Service Weight: 1+ Oz's. Age: 20th Century
  • Price: $222.00
    Phallic Wooden Shield, Papua New Guinea.
    Vintage wooden shield - phallic shape with carved decoration. The tip of the shield has carved circles and other lines. Maybe this is a cicada. Darkened finish. Rear has a carved carrying handle. Shield measures 59 cm long and 15 cm wide (23.1/2 inches by 6 inches). It has one chip in the wood at the rear, otherwise excellent. Postage to quote - please email for a postage quote before placing an order.
  • Price: $180.00
    Thailand Temple Rubbing Elephants Vintage Framed
    This is a vintage rubbing from a temple in Thailand featuring elephants and their riders in black on fine rice paper. The rubbing is framed with protective non glare glass and was brought home unframed in the 1960s and framed at home in the San Francisco bay area shortly after that. The overall framed size is overall 18.5 inches high by 22.5 inches wide and featured a black wooden frame with an gold greek key design and metal picture wire hanger from eye screws. The picture is from the estate of a San Francisco Bay Area woman who traveled extensively and spent most of 1968 in the orient, south seas, Australia and New Zealand. The temple rubbing is in excellent condition with the few inpurities in the rice paper usually visible. A wonderful souvenir as well as a wonderful decorative accent.
  • Price: $285.00
    Tuntun Pig-trap Stick - Borneo - Iban
    Tuntun Pig-Trap Stick - Wood - Borneo, Iban People 20th Century The name tuntun means - at the right height . The primary function of the objects were used as measuring rods to determine the proper height for the trip wire in the animal traps. Intended primarily for wild pigs. The top of the tuntun shaft indicated the correct trip height for a pig and the top of the figure marked the height for a somewhat larger animal; notches lower down on the shaft marked the settings for smaller species. Size: 20½ H (including the figure) x ½ in diameter for the main shaft Figure is 3½ H x ¾ W x 1½D Weight: 1/4 of lb. Condition: Looks to have been used. In good used condition. Figure on top is in fine condition. Markings: None Acquired from a traveler who purchased this in an antique shop in Kuching, Borneo for her own collection. I have had this in my own collection for over 20 years.
  • Price: $22.00
    Egyptian Clip - Vintage
    Egyptian Clip - Vintage Size: 4 H x 1½ W Condition: very good Weight: 3 Oz's. Markings: None Found at an Estate Sale in Billings, Montana A handsome and unusual addition to a collection, the desk or for any use one has for a clip
  • Price: $29.00
    Vintage Pacific Islands Craft Woven Bag.
    Very well made 1960s Island craft bag - woven in a faint blue colour with lemon trim. Fitted lid with bobble and loop clasp. Measures 17.5 cm high no including handles, 28 cm wide and 18 cm deep (7 inches by 11 inches by 7 inches). Very good condition., just a discolouration to one handle. Possibly synthetic raffia? From either Cook Islands/Raratonga, Tonga or Samoa.
  • Price: $50.00
    Vintage Pacific Islands Craft Woven Basket.
    Circa 1960s Pacific Islands craft - a tote bag woven with applied floral design to sides. Plaited handle. Lined with plain tapa cloth (beaten bark). Measures 33 cm high with handles, 33 cm wide and 13.5 cm deep (13 inches by 13 inches by 5.3/8 inches). Excellent condition. From either Cook Islands/Raratonga, Tonga or Samoa.
  • Price: $58.00
    Vintage Pacific Islands Craft Woven Hand Bag.
    Beautiful work in this 1960's Pacific Island bag - hand made, woven with contrasting pattern, flower motif. Well-fitted lid with bobble clasp. Bent cane handles. Lined with another skin of woven cane. Measures 36.5 cm high, 29 cm wide and 11 cm deep (14.3.8 inches by 11.1/2 inches by 4.3/8 inches). Excellent condition, a high quality piece of work not seen often today. Not sure if from Samoa, Cook Islands/Raratonga, or Tonga, but from one of these.
  • Price: $194.00
    Wood Naga Female Figure From Nagaland, India
    Wooden Naga Female Figure from Nagaland,India The Naga are remote tribes who inhabit the North Eastern part of India on and near the border of Burma. Size: 8 H x 2¼ W x 1½ D Good aged condition Weight: 5 Oz's. 20th Century
  • Price: $345.00
    Mystery Warrior Bust - 20th Century
    Mystery Warrior Bust - 20th Century Thought to be Asian Size: Bust: 4 H x 3½ W (at horns) x1½ D Stand: 3-1/4 H x 2-1/4 in diameter - screw height:: 1 inch = total of 8-1/4 inches. Condition: Good aged condition Markings: None Weight: Bust: 9 Oz's. Stand: 3 Oz's. = 12 Oz's. Decorative outer metal is over an inner core of metal. There is a shallow hole in the center in which the rusted screw is inserted. The bust is made up of a non-magnetic metal - both outer and inner metals. The base is made of a carved hard wood. Found at the famous NYC Pier Show in the 1980's
  • Price: $475.00
    Timor Horned Figure Wood Box - 20th Century
    Timor Horned Figure Wooden Box - 20th Century Size: 7 H x 13½ L x 4 D Condition: very good Markings: none Designs: on body of box sea creatures Weight: 2½ lbs. Found at the famous NYC Pier Antique Show in the 1980's
  • Price: $175.00
    Mystery Warrior W/helmet, Spear And Rifle
    Hardwood Mystery Warrior with Helmet, Spear, and Rifle Size: 13-1/4 H x 4 W Circa: Mid 1900s Condition: very good. Issue: Spear end is missing the handle end - broken off. Markings: None Weight: 10 Oz's. Found at Auction in Arizona.
  • Price: $24.00
    Asian Slatted Art
    Asian Slatted Art Size: 8¼ in diameter Condition: very good 32 slates total Weight: 6 Oz's. Same Art on either side. Ready to hang
  • Price: $595.00
    19th Century Balinese Wood Mask
    19th Century Balinese Wooden Mask Size: 11½ H x 9 W x 9 D Condition: very good for its age. There is a deep age split down the right side of the mask. It does not effect on the stability of the mask. There are two holes in the top of the mask which holds a wire loop for hanging. Weight: 2 lbs. 4 Oz's. Markings: None
  • Price: $28.00
    Wooden Toy Horse - Japanese
    Wooden Toy Horse - Japanese - Hand Carved and Hand Painted The horse has played a major role in Japanese history and is still honored today. Size: 8 H x 6 W x 1½ D Materials: wood, silken like cords, brush like material for the tail, a synthetic like fur for the mane, bells and paint Weight: 12 Oz's Condition: very good Markings: None
  • Price: $295.00
    Brass Betelnut-cutter From East Asia
    Brass Betelnut-Cutter from East Asia This is an ornate brass betel nut cutter with an iron cutting blade. The piece is decorated in the shape of a man. Size: 3 H x 9 L x ¾ D (at the head) Condition: There is some rusting of the metal cutting blade but is in a very good state overall. Weight: 11 Oz's. Markings: None Age: 20th Century The stimulant known as betel, prepared from leaves and parings of the betel-nut, is enormously popular throughout much of Asia and the Pacific. Betel cutters, the hinged implements used in the preparation of the substance, were and are items of social prestige, reflecting the wealth and taste of their owner. The designs of the cutter can be whimsical, erotic or grotesque. Chewing the mixture of areca nut and betel leaf is a tradition, custom or ritual which dates back thousands of years from South Asia to the Pacific.
  • Price: $75.00
    Wayang Indonesian Shadow Puppet, Antique.
    Beautiful antique wayang shadow puppet, made in pierced buffalo hide with handpainted decoration, from Indonesia or Bali. Painted with intricate design in golds and reds etc. over very intricate lace cut-work. Very detailed face is also cut-work. Elegant hands. The holding stick and supports are horn. Puppet measures 50 cm high, with the centre stick being another 20 cm longer (19.3/4 inches and 8 inches). Excellent condition for its age, and beautiful craftsmanship.
  • Price: $70.00
    Antique Indonesian Wayang Pierced Buffalo Hide Puppet.
    Beautifully detailed large antique wayang shadow puppet, made out of pierced buffalo hide, supported by turned horn sticks and rods. Balinese or Indonesian.You can animate the hands and arms etc., using the sticks. The hands are very graceful and expressive, the body is gold-painted and has cutwork decoration and beautiful intricate painting. The hair is curly, and this effect is achieved by delicate cut work. Puppet is one dimensional, and measures 45.5 cm high, not including the hand poles, so about 65 cm all up (25.1/2 inches). There is one hand animator pole missing, and a break in the central support rod behind the body. To use as a puppet, these would need repair, but to use as decoration, it's superb.
  • Price: $199.99
    Victorian Wood / Glass Bon Bon Box Made Into Jewelry Box
    Victorian Wood / Glass Chocolate Box made into Jewelry box. These treasured ornate boxed were given as gifts filled with chocolate or candies. The box lids were so beautiful the recipient would save it as a keepsake. Frequently converting into a jewelry box. This one here has a lovely raised and painted floral design. I assume that the raised motif is made of some type of applied composition material. The lid is is framed the reverso of the frame is ornately carved and holds mirror. The mirror was probably applied later. The floor of the box is glass lined. The box has beveled contours. The measurements are 14 x 11 x 4 . It is surprisingly heavy for the size it weighs 5 lbs. The condition is very good for age. There is some age cracking in the wood veneer of the lid Then there two missing chunks of veneer with in the lower corner trim on both corners.
  • Price: $22.00
    Graceful Shallow Brass Bowl From India
    Graceful Shallow Brass Bowl From India Size: 2¾ H x 7 W x 4½ D Condition: very good Weight: 9 Oz's. Markings: P35867 India Graceful and elegant the design is etched foliage
  • Price: $97.00
    Indian Wooden Goddess
    Indian Wooden Goddess - Worshiped at Roadside Shrines Size: 10 H x 3¼ W x 3 W Markings: None Condition: very good - hole in bottom for insertion of rod -Please note that the rod is not included Weight: 1 lb 4 Oz's. Material: primitively carved hard wood Found in Austria - from a private collector of India Art
  • Price: $180.00
    Indonesian Scarecrow
    Indonesian Scarecrow Sizes: 19 H (not including hanging apparatus) that is 5 H x 6 W x 6 D Comprised of two gourds plus wood beads, 2 small round bones as ends to the earrings., cord and woven vines. Wood arms. Weight: 10 Oz's. Paint black, flesh colored, green and red. Age: 20th Century
  • Price: $45.00
    Thailand Display Doll W/khon Ceremonial Mask
    Thailand Display Doll w/ Khon Ceremonial Mask in Ceremonial Dress Size: Doll: 8 H x 6 W x 4 D Base: 3/8 H x 6¼ W x 4 D Condition: very good Markings: plaque on front of base: MADE IN THAILAND Weight: 7½ Oz's. Age: Undetermined There is great detail and vibrant colors of gold, green, red, blue, pink, and orange.. Bejeweled with cut glass diamonds, sequins and beads. The mask can be removed. Materials: Cotton, wire (? for support), Metallic thread, sequins, beads, gold colored metal like material, thread etc. Phi Ta Khon is also known as the Ghost Festival of Thailand. The Ghost Festival is held every year. The festival is a three day merit making festival, during which people dress up like ghosts wearing masks and elaborate costumes.
  • Price: $195.00
    Jamaican Male Wooden Mask W/headdress
    Jamaican Male Wooden Mask w/Elaborate Headdress and Detailed Carving Handsome Caribbean man with very fine and detailed wood carving sporting an elaborate headdress. Size: 13½ H x 6¾ W x 2 D Weight: 1 lb. 10 Oz's. Condition: very good Markings: on back Jamaica 1987 Hole on back for hanging
  • Price: $378.00
    Sculpture Of Bastar, India Couple
    Bell Metal Sculpture of Bastar, Indian Couple Size: Male 10 H x 4 ½ W x 3½ D Female: 5 H x 4 W x 4 D Weight: Male: 1 lb. 5 Oz's. Female: 1 lb. 8 Oz's Condition: very good Age: 20th Century Fine examples of Dhokra or Bell Metal sculpture work from Eastern/Central India produced by the Bastar Tribes. Fine detailing. Using the lost wax method she was made by sculpting very fine wax coils around a clay base and then cast in bell metal. Bell metal is a mixture of up to 5 metal alloys including brass, gold and bronze.
  • Price: $445.00
    Old Ancestor Figure - West Timor, Indonesia
    Old Figure Belu District, West Timor, Indonesia Size: 9½ H x 2¼ W x 1½ D Condition: very good. Condition issues: the right eye is missing the left one is carved but from the look of the socket there seems to have been an eye in there at one time made of another material. Weight: 4 Oz's. Markings: none Age: 1920 - 1940 Eucalyptus wood. It is dried out so well it seems light for this timber. This figure would have been kept on a table (alter) in the back right hand side of the house and was an effigy of an ancestor to whom the Timorese prayed so that their ancestor would intercede on their part in times of drought, war etc. Age cracks, blemishes, wear and tear and signs of repairs are the integral part of Tribal Art, which was meant to be used. These imperfections are considered normal and do not detract from the artistic and monetary value of the piece.
  • Price: $350.00
    Sumatra Agricultural Tool/weapon
    Sumatra, Indonesian Padang Sabit Menangkabau Agricultural Tool/Weapon Although the Padang Sabit was made as an agricultural tool it serves as an effective weapon Many martial artists of Indonesia favor this little tool. This tool has a hand forged blade and a finely carved wooden sheath. The handle is a carved head of Arjuna a Hindu prince from Indonesian mythology. Size: Overall: 8 inches long x 7½ inches H x 1¼ inches D Blade: 6¼ Long x 1½ H Sheath: 7½ Long Handle: 5½ H x 2¼ W x 1¼ D Condition: very good - nice patina Age: 20th Century Weight: 9 Oz's.
  • Price: $25.00
    Carved Napkin Ring, Maori Motif.
    Vintage wooden napkin ring, carved with Maori motifs (New Zealand), including a tiki face with paua shell eyes. Mid 20th century folk art. Measures 4 cm high and 5.2 cm diameter (1.1/2 inches by 2.1/16 inches). Excellent condition.
  • Price: $429.00
    Carved Asmat Ancestor Figure W/daughter
    Carved Wooden Ancestor Figure w/ Pregnant Daughter - Asmat, Irian Jaya Size: 19 H x 6½ W x 2½ D Condition: very good Weight: Approx. 2 ¾ lbs. Age: Collected in the late 1970's Wood: Kwila Father and Daughter. The father holds a canoe paddle, the daughter holds a stone axe. In the father's belt is a cassowary dagger. These figures are kept inside the house and are effigies of dead ancestors whose spirits protect the house and people. I acquired this sculpture from a Tribal Art Dealer in Australia in the 1990's. The Asmat people are located in southwestern New Guinea. The Asmat live along the vast system of rivers that flow into the Arafura Sea. Wood carving is a flourishing tradition among the Asmat, and wood carvers are held in high esteem.
  • Price: $195.00
    Ritual Incense Figural Lamp - Napel
    Ritual Incense Figural Lamp From Napel - Hand Smithed Iron - Authentic and Used Age: Second half of the 20th Century Size: 6 H x 1¾ W x 3¼ D Weight: 4 Oz's. Condition: fine aged condition, deep dark patina, good signs of age and use. From Central Nepal. These ritual items have been used by the Rural Village People of Central or West Nepal during their religious ceremonies and rites inside the village temples or private house shrines. This fine older Incense Lamp consists of hand smithed iron and shows a figural stand with a male sculpture, the face with beard and elongated arms and feet. On top a small bowl with incised floral pattern, used to put and fire ritual incense powder. Superb dark aged patina due to ritual use. A really fine Tribal Item.
  • Price: $130.00
    Older Primitive Figure - Moluccas Islands
    Older Wooden Primitive Figure - Moluccas Islands, Indonesia Size: Approx. 10¾ H x 3 D x 3 D Condition: Good - There is an age split along the back of the head and body and several hairline splits on the forefront. The figure is in very stable condition. Weight: 1 lb. 2 Oz's. Markings: None Age: 20th Century This is a wonderful primitive carving of a seated figure. Conveys a great sense of content. Collected in Indonesia by a Dealer from Florida who specializes in Island East Asian Arts.
  • Price: $135.00
    Bastar Asian Indian Metal Sculpture Of Head
    Bastar Asian Indian Metal Sculpture of Head A fine example of Dhokra or Bell Metal sculpture work from Eastern/Central India produced by the Bastar Tribes Using the lost wax method she was made by sculpting very fine wax coils around a clay base and then cast in bell metal. Bell metal is a mixture of up to 5 metal alloys including brass, gold and bronze. Size: 4¾ H x 4 W x 3½ D Condition: very good Markings: None Weight: l lb 8 Oz's Metal: Bell metal w/brass finish This form is disappearing and being replaced by modern techniques. Found in London, England
  • Price: $150.00
    Older Folk Art Knife - Sumba, Indonesia
    Older Folk Art Knife - Sumba, Indonesia Size: with sheath: 10½ H Knife: 9¾ H Materials: Wood (sheath & handle) Steel blade Weight: 4 Oz's Condition: Wood very good - blade is solid but has a coating of rust due to age. There is an age crack down the handle. Handle is in solid condition. The knife and sheath are in the form of a rider on his horse. The rider is the knife handle and the horse is the top part of the scabbard. Found in Auckland, New Zealand Sumba is an island in Indonesia, and is one of the Lesser Sunda Islands
  • Price: $395.00
    Wood Statue - Dyak Culture - Borneo
    Wood Statue from the Dyak Culture - Borneo Size: 14¼ x 4 x 2 Weight: 1 lb. Condition: Good Markings: None Wonderful Dyak carving from either a post or a staff. There is a lot of intricate openwork carving between the arms and legs and within the object being held. Excellent patina. The only pigmentation seems to be on the headdress and the headdress of the head being sat on. The human facial features are carefully carved. The figure has an exaggerated pierced nose with deep symmetrical scarification on the sides and shoulders. Elongated arms hold an object that appears to grow out of the protruding headdress and ends on the feet. Borneo is the third largest island in the world and is located at the center of Maritime Southeast Asia. administratively, this island is divided between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei.
  • Price: $570.00
    Colonial India Metal Architectural Piece
    Colonial India Metal Architectural Piece Size: 6 H x 4 W x 5 D Condition: Good worn condition Metal: Probably Spelter w/bronze or brass finish on face The eyes are a faceted green glass? Weight: 2 lbs. 1 oz. Markings: None This is a wonderful and expressive piece. The top of the head has a hinged lid. The head is a hollow cavity. There is a small hole on the bottom which appears to have been part of an architectural rod? Please note that the piece is not free standing. It would need a stand to display. We do not have a stand for this. Found at the famous NYC Pier Show in the 1980's from a dealer in European and Asian Arts.
  • Price: $165.00
    Asian Indian Male Brass Finished Head
    Asian Indian Male Brass Finished Head w/Interesting Smaller Head w/Snake Size: 7¾ H x 4 W x 3½ D Weight: Approx. 2 lbs. Markings: None Age: Vintage - Mid 20th Century or earlier Condition: good - great patina I believe the ear pieces are also in the form of snakes. Found in Vancouver, Canada at auction
  • Price: $145.00
    Demon Head Chopper - Java, Indonesia
    Demon Head Chopper - Central Java, Indonesia Java is an island in Indonesia south of Borneo. It is one of the world's most densely populated regions. Origin Central Java - near the old city of Clwidey. Size: 13 L x 5¼ W Blade is 5 L x 2¼ W Weight: 1 lb. 1 Oz. Material: The hilt is Ebony and the sheath is made of Pule wood. The blade is metal and has been honed. The blade is signed - KOMAK or it could be KOMAR? The eyes are thought to be bone. Condition: Good - There are two wood semi-cracks in the sheath. The sheath is in good stable condition. The semi-cracks can be seen in the photo. The Demon head is a protective one. The piece was brought back in the late 20th Century from Java by a private collector.
  • Price: $98.00
    Batik Tattoo Bean Bag Doll - Indonesia
    Batik Tattoo Bean Bag Doll - Bali, Indonesia Size: 13 inches high Weight: approx. 1½ lbs. Condition: very good Markings: Tag on Back: 100% cotton Hand Made in Indonesia Hand Wash in Cold Water Age: Late 20th Century Crafted of fabric, hand-dyed filled with beans. Hands, feet & head carved of wood. The beautifully hand painted tattooed face is colored with a design depicted on one side of the face and the top and back of head. The doll is dressed in a handsome multi-colored hand loomed batik Ikat cloth. You can position the doll in numerous ways and it holds many resting positions.
  • Price: $195.00
    Borneo Warrior Ship - Sap Sculpture
    Borneo Warrior Ship - Sap Sculpture Hand formed by the Dayak people from the sap of the Nyatu tree in Borneo Size: 10 H x 9 W x 2½ D Condition: very good - this is a fragile piece so needs to be handled with care Weight: 6 Oz's. Markings: None Collected in the 1990's or earlier Borneo is an island of the western Pacific Ocean in the Malay Archipelago between the Sulu and Java seas southwest of the Philippines. It is the third-largest island in the world. The sultanate of Brunei is on the northwest coast; the rest of the island is divided between Indonesia and Malaysia
  • Price: $125.00
    Female Metal Figure - Timor
    Female Figure - Silver/Nickel Plated Bronze - Timor An interesting tribal figure. Size: 13¼ H x 3½ W x 3D Weight: 2¼ lbs. Condition: very good Age: Late 20th Century This figure was collected in Timor in the 1990's. Timor is an island of the western Pacific Ocean in the Malay Archipelago east of Java, divided between Indonesia and East Timor.
  • Price: $325.00
    Sumba, Indonesia Carved Ancestor Figure
    Older Ancestral Figure - Kodi - Sumba - Indonesia A superb and old carved wood ancestral figure from Kodi, the western most part of the island of Sumba. Sumba is one of the large islands in the Nusa Tenggara group of Indonesia. Age is most likely about 50 years old. It is an ancestral figure of a man in a sitting position. Beautifully carved and the patina is excellent. Condition is very good original condition. Not made for the tourist market. Size: 6½ H x 3 W x 3 D Condition: very good - some minor splits consistent with age Weight: 1¼ lbs. Very powerful presence
  • Price: $95.00
    Sumatra Medicine Man Box
    Sumatran Medicine Man Box Size: 10¾ H x 3½ W x 3 D Condition: very good. Articulated arms - The base is kind of concave so does not sit well. It really should have some support. Material : Wood, reeds, shells, appears to be a metal nail or tack in the bottom base for some reason? pigment. Markings: None Weight: 10 Oz's. Origin: Sumatra a Mountainous Island in Western Indonesia Age: Mid to later 20th Century. I acquired this piece from Sumatra in 1980 The top of the man (Bust) lifts off the reed portion to show the inside of the medicine box
  • Price: $95.00
    Swirl Figure From Lombok Island
    Swirl figure from Lombok Island - Indonesia Size: 7¾ H (w/out topknot)Topknot is 1¼ H Weight: 3½ Oz's. Condition: Good Age: Late 20th Century The Figure is carved buffalo horn and wood Lombok Island is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It is part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands, with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait between it and Sumbawa to the east.
  • Price: $58.00
    Vintage Moroccan Necklace W/cabochons
    Vintage Moroccan Necklace w/Cabochon Settings Size: 15 inches from clasp to end of bangles Condition: very good - good patina - but could be polished if so desired Clasp: I believe this is called a snap clasp? Material: Dull Silver-Toned metal/non metallic, three reddish colored cabochons and one larger white semi-faceted cabochon. Three brightly silver-toned dangles - nicely designed Markings: None Weight: 4 Oz's.
  • Price: $75.00
    Asian Indian Elephant - Bedecked
    Asian Indian Wooden Elephant - Bedecked and Adorned Size: 3½ H x 3½ W x 1¾ D Materials: Wood, bone inlays and metal adornments. Condition: Good - Some of the adornments are missing as are some of the bone inlays on the feet. There is no howdah attached. Weight: 7 Oz's. Age: Mid 20th Century Markings: None
  • Price: $155.00
    Wooden Timor Ancestor Figure
    Wooden Timor Ancestor Figure An older ancestor figure collected in Timor in 1990 from a private New Zealand Collection. Size: 16 H 3½ W x 3½ D Markings: None Weight: 2 lbs. Condition: Good - Age crack and filling on back. Please note that the color of this figure is a dark gray. The light used to photograph it has lightened the color. Age: Thought to be mid 20th Century Very good presence.
  • Price: $225.00
    China Yao Figure - Serpent With Rider
    Serpent with Rider Yao Figure - From The Hill Tribes of China I am not an expert in Yao figures but this one was purchased some time ago from a specialized dealer in London. It does appear to have some age. Both the figure and rider are in good condition with no repairs or restoration and original untouched patina and paintwork. The rider is carved separately from the serpent and is nailed on. The male figure has a mustache and hair made from what appears to be animal hair. Size: 5 H (without the hair) x 11 L x 1½ D Weight: 7 Oz's. Condition: Good Markings: None Materials: Hard wood, hair and paint Age: 20th Century
  • Price: $62.00
    Asian Indian Female Figure
    Asian Indian Female Figure Intricately Designed. Size: 9 H x 1¾ W x 1¾ D Age: Late 20th Century Condition: very good Material: Sold to me as bone. I feel this is probably a cast composition figure. The bottom is lined with felt Weight: 8½ Oz.
  • Price: $450.00
    Ivory Box Carved, Dragon With Lid
    This old carved ivory box with lid measures 2 1/4 inches tall by 4 inches across. There are three small crack in the lid each about 1/2 inch long, this is usual as ivory dries out. The carving is very intricate and the side of the box is carved with dragons and vines and flowers. The top has a deeply carved imperial dragon surrounded by flowers on a deeply carved background.
  • Price: $66.00
    Metal Candlestick Figure - Asian Indian
    Wrought Iron Candlestick Figure - Asian Indian This slim sculpture holds two bowls w/spike for candle-holders. Size: 10¼ H x 6 W x 6 D Condition: very good Weight: 1¼ lbs The design of this candlestick was inspired by the Toran, wrought iron animal and human figures used as offerings in ancient India during worship in temples.
  • Price: $65.00
    Pair Of Asian Indian Ladies - 20th Century
    Vintage Pair of Asian Indian Ladies Size: left 8 inches H x 2½ inches W x 2 inches D right: 7 inches H x 2¾ inches W x 2½ inches D Condition: Fair - The exterior has paint loss & wear - The figures are solid Weight: Approx. 7 Oz's each. Total 14 Oz's. Markings: None The outer portion I believe is made of Papier mache. Age: mid 20th Century or earlier
  • Price: $95.00
    Timor Metal Seated Male Figure
    Timor Metal Seated Male Figure Size: 8 H x 2 W x 2¼ D Metal: silver/nickle plated bronze Condition: very good - great turquoise colored patina Age: Late 20th century Brought to me straight from Timor in the late 1990's Weight: approx. 1¼ lbs. Powerful presence
  • Price: $58.00
    Asian, Indian Vendor Silver-plated Figure
    Silver-Plated Figure of Asian, Indian Vendor Size: 4½ H x 3½ W x 2 D Condition: Good to very good - Finish is rough inside of vendor's cart Weight: 8 oz. Unusual silver-plated figure of probably a tea? vendor. Accent of a gold colored decoration on the sides of the cart.
  • Price: $75.00
    Balinese Puppet Head
    Vintage Balinese Puppet Head - Indonesia This fine Balinese Puppet Head is masterfully carved with much attention to fine detail. It is mounted on a custom made metal base. Size: Head: 7½ H x 3 W x 6 D Numbered: 10 on the neck Nice patina from age Weight: Head: 8 Oz's. Stand: 14 Oz's. Age: 20th Century
  • Price: $85.00
    Silver/nickel Plated Bronze Figure - Timor
    Silver/Nickel Plated Bronze Timor Figure Size: 8½ H x 2¼ W x 2¼ D Weight: approx. 10 Oz. Condition: very good Age: late 20th Century Squatting figure w/fish figure on head. Geometric symbols on base
  • Price: $145.00
    Lombok Island - Indonesia Bone Figure
    Lombok Island - Indonesia Bone Figure Size: Approx. 3 H x 1¼ W x 5/8 D Condition: very good Weight: 1 Oz. Age: Acquired in 1980's from a Mid-Western Private Collection. Great presence and character.
  • Price: $170.00
    20th Century Bone Ancestor Figure From Lombok
    20th Century Bone Ancestor Figure Lombok Island, Indonesia Size: figure: 2¼ H x 5/8 W x ¾ W Wooden base is: 1-7/8 inches D x 7/8 H x 2½ W Condition: very good The island of Lombok is located east of Bali and has a large volcano named Gunung Rinjani. Rinjani stretches to about 3 miles in diameter. This has been active as recently as 1966. Less developed than Baili, Lombok has better beaches and a greater variety of landscapes. The island is populated by the Sasak people. The majority of the land is much drier than Bali and rugged like the Australian outback.
  • Price: $345.00
    Shaman Himalayan Phurba Jani-form Carving
    Shaman Himalayan Phurba Jani-Form Carving Size: 13½ inches L x 1½ W Condition: very good, with some expected signs of wear and age. Age: 20th century Materials: Wood, metal chain, cloth and remains of white pigment Weight: 8 Oz's. This is a large middle hills shamanic phurba with jani-form phurba deities embellishing the top of the grip, curvilinear and geometric embellishment and more anthropomorphic carving on the blade faces. A fantastic older used shamanic piece with highly desirable design details. Wooden phurbas remain in use in the Himalaya today and Shamanism in Napel is certainly a living tradition. The origins of the phurba cult are much older than Buddhism. The phurba cult certainly is among the most prevalent rituals of subjugation in Himalayan shamanism as well. It is perhaps the most favored manner of magically subjugating ghosts and malevolent spirits.
  • Price: $72.00
    Hand-made Kondapalli Doll From India
    Hand-Made, Hand-Painted Doll From Kondapalli In The Southern State of Andhra Pradesh In India These type of dolls are hand-crafted from terra cotta and baked in a clay oven. Then they are painted in bright colors. This particular type of doll is a favorite throughout India - made of 4 separate parts, each part moves when you tap it. She dances for you! A very simple mechanism accomplishes this - each part is hollow inside, and rests on the next part via a bent wire post. The doll's movement - which simulates traditional Indian classical dance. Size: 10 H x 4 W x 4¾ D Condition: Very good Weight: Approx. 8 Oz. There are four pieces. The fourth piece is a metal ring - I have no idea where it goes. The doll dances with the head,body and torso placed on the bent wire in each piece.
  • Price: $475.00
    Asian Woman Carving - 20th Century
    South Indian Temple Style Wood Carving 1920's wood carving of a South Indian Woman She is seemingly clad only in jewelry and her ornaments include heavy anklets, many bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Around her abdomen is a bejeweled waistband. Size: 12½ T x 5 W x 3 D Condition: Very good for its age. There is an age split in the base & a small one down the middle of her torso. The sculpture is very stable. Age: 1920's Weight: 1 lb. 12 Oz's. Markings: None She has a very nice age patina. Detailed with red & black pigment.
  • Price: $80.00
    Asian Indian Female Statue - 20th Century
    Vintage Asian Female Statue Unusual and striking figure of an Asian Indian Female Figure Size: 19 Inches T x 6 Inches W x 7 Inches D Condition: Poor to Good. Condition Issues: There are many areas with loss of decoration and the nose has been damaged. Basic structure is stable and in good shape. I believe it is made of wood as is the platform the figure is standing on. The outer portion I believe is made of Papier mache. Age: My best guess is mid 20th Century or earlier Weight: Approx. 2¾ lbs. She would be an interesting piece to add to a collection or as a display piece. She has a companion piece of the other Vintage Asian Indian Female Figure that is shown.
  • Price: $73.00
    Brass Tribal Male Figure
    Brass Tribal Male Figure Size: figure: 10¼ inches H x 4 inches W x 1½ D base: approx. 3-5/8 inches - square Condition: Very good The figure is carrying an object that has a circular platform at the top. The object is articulated and can be moved so that it is behind the figure's neck and leaning in a downward position. I have no idea what the purpose of this is for. The figure is adorned with beaded earrings. Age: This is an older piece. Base: is made of wood. Weight: 15 oz. I have no idea where this figure is from. It could be from Africa or further East up to and including the South Pacific.
  • Price: $18.00
    Asian Indian Female Folk Art Figure
    Wooden Asian Indian Female Folk Art Figure Vintage and Handmade Size: 9¾ inches H x 2¼ inches W x ¾ inch D Weight: 4 Oz's. Markings: None Condition: Good to very good .Flat figure and not really free standing Hardware could be added to hang on wall
  • Price: $130.00
    Vintage Carved Wooden Ancestor Figure - Timor
    Vintage Carved Wooden Ancestor Figure From Timor Size: 16 inches H Base is 3 inches W x 3 inches D. Condition: Good to very good. There is a large split to the back and several smaller splits to the plinth. These are shrinkage consistent with age. Weight: 1 lb. 1 Oz. A powerful piece with great presence
  • Price: $425.00
    Male Ancestral Figure - Timor
    Male Ancestral Figure from Timor A superb and very old carved wooden male ancestral figure from a private collection. Size: 11½ inches H x 3 inches across at the base Age: Probably early 20th Century or earlier Condition: very good - there are age shrinkage cracks consistent with age.
  • Price: $80.00
    South Pacific Metal Couple Wall Hangings
    South Pacific Silver-Toned Metal Couple Wall Hangings Size: Female: 8 inches H x 3¼ W x approx. ½ D - Male: 7-5/8 inch H x 3 inches W x ½ D Weight: Total approx. 1 lb. 2 Oz's Condition: Good. These appear to be a silver-toned finish over a yellow metal. There is a small portion of wear on the front of the skirt of the female. I acquired this couple from a person who was not sure where they originated from. My best guess is the South Pacific. I have been informed by a kind viewer that they are made by the Mapuche Indians in Ecuador/South America.
  • Price: $125.00
    Superb Old Balinese Ceremonial Mask
    Superb Old Balinese Ceremonial Mask This is a stunning face-sized wooden mask. Age: Mid-20th Century or earlier. It was carved from a single piece of wood and features REAL hair eyebrows & mustache. Size: 7 H x 5-1/2 W Condition: Good. There is a portion of the bottom of the mask that is missing and a crack above it. The cracked potion is somewhat loose and is about 1-1/2 inches long in a semi circle. This is show in the photo. It could be glued or repaired. I will leave this up to the purchaser. As you can see in the main photo this portion is not noticeable when hung in an upright position. I have priced the piece accordingly.
  • Price: $230.00
    Indonesian Male Ancestor Figure
    Indonesian Male Ancestor Figure Size:18 Inches Tall x 3 Inches Wide x 4 Inches Deep Figure: 13 Inches Tall x 3-1/2 Inches Wide x 3-1/2 Inches Deep Base: 3 Inches Wide x 4 Inches Deep Age: My best guess is Mid 20th Century. Condition: Very Good. There are small age cracks consistant with age. Weight: 3¼ lbs This is a wonderful carving of a seated figure. The figure is the lower portion of what appears to be a pole or staff. It is beautifully carved and the patina is excellent. The wood has a good weight to it.
  • Price: $180.00
    Wooden Wellness Effigy Figure - Sumatra
    Wooden Wellness Effigy Figure - Sumatra Tribe: Karo Batak Size: 20 Inches Tall x 3 Inches Wide Condition: Very Good to Excellent. Age: Late 20th Century Weight: 1¾ lbs. This very handsome figure is called Debata Ribu-Ribu. This is an effigy used by the priest to make a sick person well.
  • Price: $140.00
    Metal Asian Indian Naga With Beaded Accent
    Metal Asian Indian Naga Figure With Beaded Accents Metal Asian Indian Naga style female with beaded accents. She is half human and half snake. She represents an auspicious and protective welcome. This piece is in the form of a handle or door pull. The metal has a brass finish. The beads are two or more colors. Age: Mid-20th Century or earlier. Condition: Good - Nice Patina. Condition issues: I have several more of these in my collection. Some have different colored beads and all are missing some beads. Weight: 12 Oz's. Size: Approx. 9 Inches H x 3 Inches W x 1 Inch D. The metal attachments are 1 Inch L. Please note that this piece is in found condition. We let you do the cleaning & polishing the way you like it. Markings: None
  • Price: $110.00
    Asian Indian Elephant Metal/wood Pipe
    Asian Indian Elephant Metal/Wood Decorative Pipe Size: 12-1/2 Inches H x 3-1/2 Inches W Markings: None Weight: Total 2 Oz's. Condition: Pipe bowl: Very Good, Stem: Also Very Good - I do not think the stem was made for the bowl. It fits if pushed in - but not well. I am including this as I acquired it with the bowl. The bowl is a very nicely made elephant, which I believe is made of tin. There are small what I believe are earrings dangling from his ears & another one from the end of his raised trunk. The opening is on his head with a metal hook that hooks to a knob on the back of the head.In my opinion, this is made for decoration. I do not think it would make a good pipe for smoking. A very unusual and attractive piece for display. Nice patina
  • Price: $490.00
    Old Mythological Female Figure - Wooden
    Old Mythological Female Figure Possibly Asian Indian This very unusual and interesting wooden figure is articulated. There are pegs to hold her arms and legs. The top of the head is shaped as a gourd? cap and stem and the back has a metal piece of hardware for hanging. Size: 38 Inches L x 12 Inches W x 8 Inches D Condition: Solid with wear from age and possibly the elements. Evidence of old insect depredation, now stabilized. There are several minor age cracks & there are blemishes. Also there is a hole through the side of her body under her arms through to the other side the size of 1 Inch across. Possibly for a rod to hang her on? The figure needs to be handled with care as she is in solid condition - but fragile. Weight: 4 lbs. Found in Florida at an Estate Sale. Shipping and insurance for this item is included in the price. This will include professional packing by UPS as she is delicate and needs extra special handling. This item was very difficult to photo and is as sharp & clear as I could get it.
  • Price: $575.00
    Wooden Ancester Figure Papua New Guinea
    Wooden Ancester Figure Papua Raja Empat Isles On the Raja Empat Islands (West Papua) people used to put ancestor figures in the mountains under cliffs or along the seaside. It has both Korwar influence and Moluccas. A figure such as this not only represents someone who has passed away but also the person's parafernalia like in this case a drum. This figure comes from Mayalibit Bay Size: 12-1/2 Inches Tall x approx. 4 Inches W x 3 Inches D Age: Posssibly Mid 20th Century or earlier Condition: weathered patina and evidence of old insect depredation, now stablilized. Part of the base appears to have been sheared off and the base is slightly uneven so that the figure needs support to stand. Overall it is in good condition for its age and use. The photos of the back shows holes. Also there is a hole on the right shoulder which probably were insect invasions while the figure was in the elements. The face is very weathered as is the rest of the figure. Weight: 8 oz
  • Price: $595.00
    Three Akha Tribal Spirit Figures - Thailand
    Three Akha Tribal Spirit Figures - Thailand This group of wood guardian figures are from the Akah people of northern Thailand and Burma. These ancestor carvings were placed at the portal of homes and or entry to the village as protective guardian figures. The figures were carved in the 1960's and were collected in an Akha village. The one female and two male figures were carved from a light wood. Size: The female is about 12 Inches T measured to the top of her head piece. The male figures are 10-1/2 Inches & the other male figure is 11 Inches. Weights: Males 8 Oz's. and 9 Oz's. Female: 8½ Oz's. Condition: Very Good. There are a few minor splits consistent with age. The three are in solid condition. Great Patina. There is a small hole on the top of the females head. The reason is not known. Good old tribal pieces.
  • Price: $45.00
    Japanese Woven Basket ?????
    I do not know much about this basket except it was sold to me as a Japanese basket. It is very nicely woven, and is a kind of reed/grass. There are 2 of the small pine pieces missing from the top, where there is a mother of pearl button and a blue glass bead. The basket is 6 1/2 inches wide, and 3 inches tall. It has a floral silk crepe lining. The basket is in good condition apart from the missing pine pieces.
  • Price: $80.00
    Asian Indian Female Figure - 20th Century
    Vintage Asian Indian Female Figure Unusual and striking figure of an Asian Indian Female Figure Size: 19 Inches T x 7 Inches W x 7 Inches D. Condition: Poor to Good. Condition Issues: Basic structure is stable and in good shape. I believe it is made of wood as is the platform the figure is standing on. The outer portion I believe is made of Papier mache. This is in fair condition with wear and pieces missing. Some are visible in the photos. Weight: 2 lbs. 9 Oz's.
  • Price: $165.00
    Kood Island Figural Suspension Hook
    KOOD ISLAND FIGURAL SUSPENSION HOOK Size: 17 Inches H x 7-1/2 Inches W. Condition: Good to Very Good. Weight: 1 lb. 8 Oz's. Age: 20th Century. Material: Wood with Cord Accents at ears. There is a material loop at the top for hanging. The Name KOOD is written on the neck.
  • Price: $75.00
    Afghanistan Nomad Thumb Ring
    Afghanistan Nomad Thumb Ring Size: Approx. size: 11 - Band: 1 Inch Front of Ring Measures 2 Inches H x 2 Inches W not including the dangles. Each Dangle with ring attachment is 1+ Inches. Age: Early to mid 20th Century. Metal is probably a pot metal alloy called gillett. There are four main stones colored red, green & blue. and three smaller stones on either side of the band colored red, green & blue. Condition: Good. The stones show some wear consistent with age.
  • Price: $42.00
    Brass Figural Plaque - Indian Couple Dancing
    Asian Indian Couple Dancing - Brass Figural Plaque Size: 7-3/8 Inches H x 4-6/8 Inches W x 1 Inch D. Condition: Very Good Beautifully detailed in every way. Costume, features, & movement. Age: Probably mid-20th Century The back has a number 110 pinted on it. Weight: 1 lb.
  • Price: $65.00
    Textured Metal Pot From Nepal
    Textured Metal Pot from Nepal A country of central Asia in the Himalaya Mountains between India and southwest China. Size: Approx. 3-1/4 H x 4-1/2 Inches Across. The circumference is 14 Inches. Weight: Approx. 14 oz. Metal: Probably Pot Metal Condition: Very Good The design is a textured one with designs added under the rim. One features an elephant with the trunk down. The bottom of the pot also has a metal design, which causes the pot to sit at a slight angle. If moved it wobbles a bit. The inside of the pot is unfinished. This adds to the textured look. It is a dull color. While the outside has a smooth pewter color. This piece is very attractive and unusual. A nice addition to a collection or as a decorative accent.
  • Price: $50.00
    Oriental Wooden 3 Step Puzzle Box
    an Oriental wooden 3 step puzzle box. There is a colorful little house, and tree, on the front of the box, with a boat, and Mt Fuji in the background. (the colors are red,green,orange,tan & Beige) the sides of the box, are cris cross inlaid wood, and on the back of the box is a rose with green leaves. The box is 4 5/8 inches wide, 3 1/4 inches long, and 2 inches deep. The box has minor scratches from normal wear and tear, but is otherwise in good shape.
  • Price: $75.00
    Unusual Vintage Large Knife/fork In Case
    Unusual Vintage Large Knife/Fork In Leatherette Case Size: In case: Approx. 18 Inches L x 3-1/2 Inches W. Knife: 12-1/4 Inches L x 3-1/2 Inches W at the hilt. The blade is:7-1/2 Inches L Fork: 10-1/2 Inches L x 3 Inches W at the Hilt. Both the Blade and the top of the tines of the fork are incised INDIA. Condition Issues: There are several minor spots of rust on the tines and two larger rust spots on one of the tine about the size of a dime. They are not deep. There is a small rust spot on the very tip of the knife. The leatherette has worn spots on the case in the front. This is shown on one of the photos. There are approx. 8 small worn spots and one larger worn place about 1-1/2 Inches L x 2/8 of an Inch. There are also some small white spots on the leatherette mostly in the center design area. But all in all the case is in good condition and the worn spots are not loose. The metal Areas have good patina and age spots on them. The metal feet on the bottom of the case have INDIA incised into them. The leatherette on the bottom of the case is in very good condition. Also the leatherette handles of the knife and fork are in very good condition and have designs. The case has a locking devise with the metal insert through the hilt of the knife and fork. I believe the metal is a brass coated iron or steel. Age: 20th Century Weight: 1 lb.
  • Price: $40.00
    Heavy & Old Oriental China Salt & Pepper
    lovely muted colors in these salt and peppers, Rusts/pinks/greens golds, they are old, and sorry I do not know too much more about them, they are not marked anywhere that I can see, they do have the original corks in the bottom. They are 2 3/4 inches tall, and 2 1/4 inches wide. The top of one is darker than the other.
  • Price: $65.00
    Pair Of Articulated Lombok Ancestor Figures
    Pair of Articulated Lombok Ancestor Figures Size: 7-1/2 Inches High Condition: Very Good Age: Late 20th Century Weight: total two figures 4 Oz's. Origin: Lombok Island which is east of Bali and part of Indonesia. The figures are protective ogah-ogah ancestor figures. Male & Female.
  • Price: $65.00
    Tanimbar Ancestor Figure - Moluccas Islands
    Tanimbar Ancestor Figure - An Island In The Moluccas Islands Size: 11¾ H x 2¾ W x 2 D Age: Later 20th Century Weight: 11 Oz's. This is an elegant and fine wooden carving. Please note that the color of the wood is a deeper brown than shown. This is because of the lighting used for the photo.
  • Price: $45.00
    African Figures
    Pair carved wooden African figures. Dark wood figure is 10.75 inches high and light wooden figure is 10.75 inch high with a 2 5/8 inch base. $45 pair
  • Price: $375.00
    Islamic Jardinare
    7065 I love these old hand joined dove tailed jardinares of Eastern descent.Note the band of ? goats encircling the body both above and below the Islamic script. 6 inches high and 10 inches in diameter at top tapering down to a 5.5 inch diameter base. Of course this is all hand made and so beautiful. Copper body with brass overlay.
  • Price: $150.00
    Wood Carving
    7046 This hand carved wood oriental elder 3 dimensional portrait carving is 4 inches in length; 2.25 inches wide and 1 inch deep. Note the happy expression with smile showing teeth and hand painted eyes all achieved with good kindly effect. $150
  • Price: $250.00
    Black Art
    I think this is a woodcut. It depicts blacks working in a field. Very stylistic and wonderful. Came from the estate of the first black dentist in Lakeland Florida. Very prominent citizen of Lakeland. Dr. Bush Framed size is 17.25 inches high by 21.25 inches wide. Print size is 11.25 high by 17.75 inches wide
  • Price: $29.95
    Sculpture Of Young Girl Reading - India
    Sculpture of Young Girl Reading - India Size: 3 Inches Tall x 2-1/4 Inches Wide. Condition: Good Age: Later 20th Century Weight: 5 Oz's. This sculpture was made as part of an Indian Girl's Literacy Campaign in the Indian state of West Bengal. It has a very poignant feeling. Also very appealing.
  • Price: $125.00
    Unusual Figural Candle-holder - India
    Unusual Figural Candle holder - India From the state of Bengal. Size: 9 Inches Tall x 9 Inches Wide at the widest point. Condition: Very Good. Age: Late 20th Century I believe this is made in Sun Dried Terracotta Clay. It also appears to have been hand made. Weight: 2-1/2 lbs. I have never seen another one like it. Very very unusual.
  • Price: $125.00
    Ancestor Figures Circle - Kalimantan
    Ancestor Figures Circle - Kalimantan Ancestor Figures Comprise this Circle. Size: 18 Inch Circumference. Each figure is 2½ high. The circle is 5½ in diameter Age: 20th Century Condition: Primitive, but in Very Good Condition. A Powerful Piece. Made out of Silvered Bronze. Weight: 2¼ lbs. Kalimantan is part of the 3rd largest island in the world; in the western Pacific north of Java. It is largely covered by dense jungle and rain forest and is part of Indonesia on the southern side of the island of Borneo.
  • Price: $85.00
    Kalimantan, Borneo Fetish Figure
    Kalimantan, Borneo Fetish Figure - Hand Carved Hardwood Size: 11-1/2 Inches Tall. Condition: Carving is Very Good, the Base has a chip, which can be seen in the photo. Age: Mid-20th Century Weight: 10 Oz's. Borneo is an island of the western Pacific Ocean in the Malay Archipelago between the Sulu and Java seas southwest of the Philippines. It is the third-largest island in the world. The sultanate of Brunei is on the northwest coast; the rest of the island is divided between Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • Price: $260.00
    Nepal Temple Dragon/lion? Candle Holder
    Nepal Temple Dragon/Lion Candle-holder Size: 8 H x 6½ W x 5 D Condition: Good. Please note that although I feel this is mostly if not all brass the back has a silver color metal. This candle holder has been well used. It is stained by years of candle smoke. It was brought back from Napel by a dealer in Asian Arts. If you are interested in a pair, I also have a companion piece available. Weight: 1 lb. 8 Oz's.
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