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  • Price: $175.00
    Ice Cream Parlour Chair
    This Iron chair is vintage. It has been cleaned up and been primed ready to be painted in the colour of your choice.
  • Price: $45.00
    Vintage Flower Frog Disc
    Vintage flower frog pottery disc. My guess is Roseville Pottery. It is 2.5 wide x 1 tall. 3 stilt marks on bottom. No chips or cracks. 8 holes. These are usually used in low vases. These can be used as unique paperweights or pen holders too! 11/13scsr
  • Price: $185.00
    Huge Glass Cloche
    Huge glass cloche. This can be used on the table with a plant underneath; or to cover food items like cheese, as a table centerpiece or out in the garden in the summer. It is 19.5 tall x 14.75 wide with ribbed design. I put it next to an average size cloche just to give you an idea how big it is. Purchased from an estate sale in MI; it was outside on a round table so it does need a better cleaning. The top round part is a bit cloudy too, but overall, this is a really neat item; very versatile for displaying things. It is not cheap, thin glass either. A comparable cloche at a garden design shop would cost over $300.00 10/13
  • Price: $42.00
    Hand Painted Frog And Turtle Rocks
    Hand painted, artist signed rocks. Both for one price. One is a painted turtle and other is a frog. Very cute painting and both are signed 'Sue Lamke'. The turtle rock is pretty heavy. You can stack them or separate them; they can go out by your pond; in a mini-greenhouse; or your potting shed or birdbath! Very unique items. 11/12scs
  • Price: $45.00
    Large Flower Bucket
    Large galvanized steel flower bucket. Not sure of the age, but it is not brand new. It is 18 inches tall x 10 wide. It could be weighted with sand or cement and used as a unique umbrella holder; as an outdoor ashtray, or for long stemmed sunflowers, cattails, reeds, etc. New flower buckets are rather flimsy and this one is not. Perfect for a country or industrial loft style home! 9/12brcs
  • Price: $145.00
    Hand Formed Vintage Herb Jar Large
    Very large vintage hand formed herb jar. Yellowish dry clay bottom. My guess is early McCoy or Brush Pottery. It is 13 inches tall. No cracks; some minor surface glaze flakes near the outer lip edges of openings. It displays fine despite the minor flaws. It has a drainage hole in bottom. Great for strawberry plants, sedums, or faux plants. Thick, heavy-duty. Same color green as on the old McCoy dog bowls from the 1920's. 8/12scsr
  • Price: $45.00
    Antique Metal Planter Box
    Antique metal planter box. 99% sure it is copper with old green paint on it. There is a nice green copper oxidation patination on the metal interior and you can see copper gleaming on the corners. Exterior green paint is very worn out; it appears much greener in the pics than it really is and this item has some rust tinge. This planter is 23 long x 6 tall x 5.75 deep. You can leave as is for a primitive look; or spray paint it. Great item for a potting shed! 6/12br#
  • Price: $45.00
    Green Glass Apple
    Apple in green bubble glass with a red stem. It sits just over two inches tall. In excellent condition, with no cracks or chips.
  • Price: $45.00
    Green Glass Pear
    Pear made of clear bubble glass with a green center. The pear sits about 3 1/2 inches tall. In excellent condition, with no cracks or chips.
  • Price: $48.00
    Turtle Flower Disc
    Cute turtle flower disc. Five holes; green and brown coloring. Very nice, no chips or cracks. Not marked so I do not know who made it. It is 3.5 long x 2.25 wide. 10/11scs
  • Price: $36.00
    Antique Patented Flower Frog
    Cool antique patented wire flower frog. Reads: Blue Ribbon Flower Holder, Hawthorne, N.Y. c: 1935-1940. The green enamel paint is flaking off. You could strip it and re-spray it or leave as is. It is 2.5 tall x 5 long x 3.5 wide. Very unique frog for your collection. 8/11smc
  • Price: $60.00
    Art Pottery Flower Frog
    Vintage art pottery flower frog. It is signed on bottom but I cannot make out what it says. It is a nice old piece; looks like studio pottery. Has crazing on interior. The clay appears to be redware, (not terra cotta). It is 3 inches tall x 3.5 wide. Add it to a low vase for visual interest. 2/11estcs;redo
  • Price: $48.00
    Vintage New England Sap Bucket
    Neat vintage sap bucket. Paper label is a bit worn but reads: New England Maple Sap Syrup, New England Maple Syrup Co., Rutland, Vermont. Bucket has an eyehole for hanging; bottom has small holes to drain/strain the sap; and metal is galvanized metal. It is in good overall vintage condition. Stands 12.75 tall x 9.5 wide at top. Bottom interior is just a bit worn and has a minor dent near bottom. This would have hung on a tree above a larger bucket used to catch the strained sap. As distinguished from a 'flower bucket'; it doesn't have handles and has the eyehole; flower buckets usually have handles and no eyehole. 1/11estcs
  • Price: $45.00
    Painted Metal Garden Bucket
    Hand painted metal bucket. Features a rabit in suitcoat. The bucket is an oldie with wire handle; it might have been an old gas can or garden water bucket, not sure. The painting on it looks somewhat newer but not brand new. No lid. Very cute item for your garden or front porch! 9/10esa#
  • Price: $72.00
    Vintage Garden Accessories
    Neat wood utility box with vintage garden items. First are the cast aluminum potting shovel next are 2 wire flower frogs, one is marked Dazey Mfg. Co. Next are vintage clippers marked: Worth on blade. Next are hand painted shovels, (not sure on age, they might be newer items, but handles look very old); next is a wood handled tool with red painted metal. You can repaint the wood box to match your front porch or leave as is. Cool items for your garden potting shed display! 8/10variestcs
  • Price: $25.00
    Hand Painted Wooden Birdhouse
    Very nice hand painted, artist signed, wood birdhouse. Signed: Janna. Good condition. One side of top lifts up for easy cleaning. Nice weight to it. For use indoors as a furniture accessory, or outdoors. Put a coat of spray polyurethane if using it outside to protect the paint. It is 8 tall x 8.5 long x 9 wide. Perfect for smaller birds like finches, wrens, etc. 8/10s#3274
  • Price: $25.00
    Hand Painted Wood Butterfly Box
    Great looking hand painted, artist signed butterfly house. Slats are on sides for butterflies to enter. Hinged top; top side lid lifts up for easy cleaning. Gorgeous painting artist initialed: BEP. This box will work indoors or out; if going outside, put a coat of spray polyurethane to protect the paint. Very solid and in good condition. It is 12 tall x 5 wide. Great accessory item for the garden potting shed! 8/10s#
  • Price: $60.00
    Six Vintage Iron Flower Frogs
    Cool old flower frogs in assorted sizes/shapes. 6 for one price. They make unique place card holders at summer parties! Or, put one with a small clay pot and plant as a gift! Or, display in a vintage aquarium! The larger round one is marked: Beagle Mfg. Co. No. 3. THe rest are not marked. Three copper finish; three green finish. Very strong/sturdy metal frogs. 6/10intest#3142
  • Price: $17.50
    Pottery Squash
    Beautiful yellow and green pottery squash. Wonderful earthy yellow color with green accents. Four inches wide in diameter and just over two inches high. In excellent condition, with no cracks or chips.
  • Price: $17.50
    Red & Green Pottery Apple
    Beautiful red and green pottery apple. Wonderful green color with red and a small brown wooden stem. About 3 1/2 inches in diameter. In excellent condition, with no cracks or chips.
  • Price: $39.00
    Vintage Metal Flower Frogs
    Cool vintage metal flower frogs. 3 for one price = $14/each. Largest next is 2.5 wide; small one is 2 wide. Great to give as gifts at garden/tea parties; or to use as place card holders at same event! 3/10esa#
  • Price: $65.00
    Glass Cloche
    Neat glass cloche on a stoneware base. This is an estate sale item; it is not antique. Base has rough spots that make it appear older, but it isn't. Just a cool furniture accessory item. It is 12 tall; base is 9 wide. You can put a plant in it, small doll, etc. Whatever you want to showcase. Or use in a sunroom or porch area with a candle in it. 1/10est#2823
  • Price: $48.00
    Vintage Metal Wire Flower Frogs
    Four vintage metal wire flower frogs. Great to give as gifts w/a plant at garden parties; or to use as unique place card holders. Smallest is 2 wide x 1 tall; largest is 4 x 1. bmi-estcs11/09
  • Price: $35.00
    Mitchell Studios Art Pottery
    Mitchell Clay Studios art pottery hanging vase. Two birds, heavy, thick clay pottery. Incised mark on bottom. No chips or cracks. It is 9 x 9 wide. Great to hang on the porch or deck or in your powder room! Nice matte aqua glaze; not arts & crafts era, but will fit in nicely with that style. 11/09esamc
  • Price: $45.00
    Vintage Blended Glaze Flower Disc
    Blended glaze flower frog. Cool old disc frog; no maker's marks. It is 3 wide x 1 tall, 12 holes. Has one flaw: a .5 inch very tight hairline near bottom edge. Pic #4 is a magnified close-up of it, but when frog is upright you really cannot even see it. A unique frog for your collection! 11/09est#2726
  • Price: $68.00
    Vintage Metal Flower Frogs
    Awesome vintage metal flower frogs. First is the unique green one that sort of looks like a bunch of paper clips; it was made by the mfg. listed, Patented #3, Cuyahoga Falls, O. and is 2.75 tall x 3 wide. Next is a 3 inch wire frog; next is a 2.25 inch Pat. App For Stemgrit wire frog; next is 2.5 inch wire frog; next is a 1.5 inch frog. Some people give these as gifts at garden parties w/potted plants; or use as unique place card holders. gscsx610/09
  • Price: $35.00
    Vintage Hand Thrown Herb Jar
    Vintage hand thrown herb jar. Nice looking jar, no chips or cracks. Red clay on bottom. It stands 5.5 tall x 4 wide. Blended blue matte glaze. utgscs7/09;sldw/othrs
  • Price: $60.00
    Signed Art Pottery Pansy Ring
    Artist signed art pottery pansy ring. Signed: Sharon or Shanon. Fabulous piece of pottery; it might be a Pewabic Pottery piece since Pewabic is still in business here in MI. It does not appear to be 'antique', but does look vintage; meaning at least 30+ years old. No chips or cracks; it is 2.25 tall x 7.5 wide. White clay on bottom. 5/09esa#
  • Price: $45.00
    Vintage Pottery Flower Frog Disc
    For sale is a vintage pottery flower frog disc. Nice gloss green; 3 stilts on bottom. No maker's marks. It is 3.25 wide x 1.5 tall. One small flea bite or glaze pop on bottom rim that doesn't show when frog is in position. 8/08brflcs
  • Price: $75.00
    Large Vintage Flower Frog
    Large vintage flower frog. 99% sure it is a Zanesville Stoneware Co. frog due to the runny glaze on bottom and distinctively yellow clay. Nice condition; no chips or cracks, heavy-duty. It looks great in the large ZSC centerpiece vase that is listed for sale! This frog is 4 tall x 5.5 wide x 17 around. These old frogs make unique paper weights and pencil holders too! Age est: 1930's-40's.
  • Price: $45.00
    Vintage Flower Frog
    Vintage gloss brown flower frog. No maker's marks, but is very nicely made, no chips or cracks. Might be Camark. It is 1.25 tall x almost 3 wide. Vintage flower frogs make unique paper weights and pencil or marble holders too! !
  • Price: $36.00
    Vintage Usa Leaf Jardinaire
    Vintage USA leaf jardinaire. Incised 'USA' mark on bottom; resembles the Red Wing jard, but is not glazed on interior. Likely RRP Roseville, Monmouth, Burley, or other American company. They do still sell this pattern in garden centers, but they are not marked USA now days! This jard is thick, heavy, and stands 7 tall x 8 wide. Has some soil/mineral residue on interior, a fleabite on rim, but no chips or cracks. There is a line in the clay in interior of jard, but this is just a clay line, not a crack. 1.08est
  • Price: $75.00
    Ohio Art Watering Cans & Tools
    Wooden carrier and two vintage Ohio Art metal watering cans. All items for one price! 2 vintage watering cans; very vintage condition; (rust, paint loss, etc.), Ohio Art, Bryan, Ohio. You also get the painted wood garden carrier, (not vintage); and some vintage garden implements including a metal hoe, shovel, and clippers. Cute display items for the porch/garden! (was flipping though a country magazine and it has a picture of these old cans on a bench in the garden!) Great item for your garden potting shed! vari.est12/07;1/07
  • Price: $75.00
    Vintage Matte White Pottery Flower Frog
    Large vintage matte white pottery flower frog disc. Very nice, heavy-duty vintage pottery flower frog. Could be Rookwood, Roseville, Weller, etc. Has a lot of crazing, but no chips or cracks. It is 4.75 long x 3.25 wide x 2 tall. Age est: early 20th C. A great frog for your collection or to use in a vintage pottery low vase!
  • Price: $69.00
    Vintage Jamieson's Capistrano Flower Fish Frog
    This fish frog has a majolica like finish. The mark on the bottom looks quite old; has a leaf symbol and reads: Jamieson's Capistrano Calif. (note the old state abbreviation on it). No chips or cracks; stands a bit over 5.5 tall x 6.5 long. Nice old California pottery! (Looks great in the Los Anjeles pottery vase I have for sale in one of the pictures shown!)
  • Price: $45.00
    Antique Stoneware Flower Pot
    Antique stoneware pot. Looks like a flower pot but could be some type of specialized food crock. It is either stoneware or possibly redware. The pictures are showing some reddened areas on it, but in real life, it is just deep dark rich brown, called an Albany slip glaze. No chips or cracks and stands 6 tall x almost 7 wide across top rim. It has one glaze pop on side of it. Bottom is very worn and almost black. If you look in the Zanesville or Monmouth books you will see some similar items on the catalog pages. Or, look in the books on redware, and it also shows similar items. I would estimate this dates to the late 19th C, early 20th. A very unique item to add to your collection!
  • Price: $30.00
    Vintage Mushroom Flower Frog
    Vintage green mushroom flower frog. This is a wild looking triple mushroom flower frog! It has all over faint crazing, so it is not something brand new; also has 3 stilt marks on bottom. Could be a 60's Haeger item, not sure. It is quite heavy and is 5.5 inches tall x 8 inches wide. No chips or cracks. Flower frogs look great in those small glass greenhouses they sell at garden centers; you don't even have to add a plant, just a bunch of frogs will do!
  • Price: $40.00
    Grape Cluster Flower Frog
    Vintage grape cluster flower frog. It appears to be a grape cluster with leaves and fruit, in a high gloss brown and green blended glaze. It has 3 stilt marks on bottom and it was next to a matching Haeger vase when purchased so I assume it is a vintage Haeger. I did not acquire the Haeger vase because of too much damage. This frog is not marked, but it does have a glazed bottom with 3 stilt marks. No chips or cracks and is almost 6 long x 3.75 wide. What a unique frog to add to your collection!
  • Price: $50.00
    Five Vintage Metal Flower Frogs
    Five vintage metal flower frogs. First one is oval shaped and is 5 L x 3 inches W x 2 H. The next one is green and is 3.75 wide x 2 high. Next one is green and 3.25 wide x 2 tall; next one is silver color and is 3.5 wide x 2 tall. Last one is grey metal, somewhat dented, and is 3.25 wide x 2 tall. Nice items to display in your petite greenhouse, or in a vintage vase! They don't make them like this anymore! These list for $20-25/each in the book.
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