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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item glh3009: Navy Leather with slit cuffs
Click for more detail...

Navy Leather with slit cuffs

These are really outstanding gloves. The leather is navy blue. Each of the cuffs measures 4 inches. The slits in the cuff are lined with white leather. Very unusual. These are small to medium. Just an outstanding pair of gloves.
Our Price: $ 30.00 On Hold & Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item glh3007: White Tatted Gloves
Click for more detail...

White Tatted Gloves

If you collect tatting, here is a pair of gloves for your collection. These are a small size and have a 3 inch cuff. There is a small stain on the left glove. Really cute for a spring or summer party or wedding.
Our Price: $ 35.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item vkk701: Black 2-pc. Dress
Click for more detail...

Black 2-pc. Dress

This 2-piece black 1800's dress was purchased from a Wisconsin family. It was grandmother's dress probably worn for her wedding and for every special occasion. The dress does have problems but it is a wearable size. The top has both tucking and cording decoration. The blouse measures shoulder to shoulder, 11 inches. The bust measurement is 35 inches and the sleeve measures 23 inches from top of shoulder to the cuff. There is a 2 inch cuff on the blouse. The Gibson Girl collar is detachable but the collar is starting to come apart. That can be fixed. The skirt has satin trim. There are holes in the trim but these too can be repaired. The waistband measures 32 inches and it is 40 inches from the top of the skirt to the floor. Because the dress is black not all the details can be seen. This is true also of the flaws. Please use the As A Question Button if there is anymore you would like to know about this dress.
Our Price: $ 300.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item vh702: Brown 2-pc.
Click for more detail...

Brown 2-pc.

I love this dress in spite of its problems. It is very small but you can just picture a victorian miss going out for the day in this dress. There is an underskirt which measures 41 inches from waistband to floor in the front and 43 1/2 inches from waistband to floor in the back. The bottom 13 1/2 inches of the skirt material matches the coat. Unfortunately a large piece has been cut out of the hem in the back. The hole measures 7 inches by 8 inches. I found one repair in the folds of the dress in the back that has been repaired probably using the piece that was cut out. The repair is interesting in itself because you can almost picture this young girl making sure her favorite Sunday dress is wearable. The waist band measures 25 1/2 inches and closes with 1 hook and eye. The skirt is gathered in the back and falls straight in the front. There are two small holes near the waistband and one tear on the waistband itself. The coat has wonderful detail--even a pocket. The coat closes with 23 buttons all covered with the same material and all in pretty good condition. The stand-up collar is trimmed with the same darker brown satin that trims the cuffs and the hem. The bust measurement is 32 inches. The coat is very form fitting. The sleeve length is 23 1/2 inches and the coat front measures 47 inches and the back measures 58 1/2 inches long and it sweeps the floor. The cuffs go from 4 inches deep to 5 1/2 inches. These are also trimmed in dark brown satin and a matching button. There are two wide bands of brown satin trimming the bottom. Each is 1 1/2 inches wide. The pocket is trimmed in brown satin as well. There are two horizontal tears in the front of the coat and a stain. The stain may come out. There is also one small hole on the bottom edge of the coat in the front. I can just picture this dress on a dress form in a Victorian foyer greeting guests. The pictures can't show this dress off so please if you have any questions be sure to "use the Ask A Question button."
Our Price: $ 600.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item vh704: 2-pc. Cream Colored Dress
Click for more detail...

2-pc. Cream Colored Dress

In spite of its wear, this is a nice little dress with lots of detail. The fabric is a lightweight material with a small pattern. Just right for summer. The top is trimmed with 3 inches of lace at the neckline and 6 inches of lace on the undersleeve. The top shows wear and there are underarm stains. Shoulder to shoulder the back measures 13 inches. There is a 3 inch wide band of black velveteen that trims the bodice and 2 3/4 inch band around the sleeve. The length of the blouse is 20 inches and the oversleeve measures 14 1/2 inches. The front top has 4 vertical tucks and closes in the back with 10 small buttons and 4 hooks and eyes. The matching velveteen belt is 26 inches long and closes with 2 hooks and eyes. The skirt has a 24 inch waist with no waistband. The botton of the skirt is trimmed with 6 3/4 inch width of velveteen. The skirt closes with 5 hooks and eyes. Two tucks on the front of the skirt give it style. The skirt is 39 inches long and the back froms a pleat. The skirt itself shows wear on the front. Still, it is very cute and is a nice walking dress.
Our Price: $ 125.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item vb703: Early Day Dress
Click for more detail...

Early Day Dress

This is a handmade early 1900's day dress. The material is a lightweight pink with cream stripes. It has a cream color sailor color and an inset cream-colored bodice. The bodice closes with snaps that travel all the way down the front. The front of the dress is decorated with buttons with larger buttons on the bodice and skirt and small buttons at the waist. Button coverings are in poor condition and the dress needs a cleaning. It does have a few small holes. The long sleeves end in cream-colored cuffs. The sleeves are 22 1/2 inches long. Bust measures 41 inches and the hips, 34 inches. The dress has a dropped waist. From shoulder to floor measures 52 1/2 inches. The measurement across the back is 14 inches. This is just so typical of the teens and 20's day dresses.
Our Price: $ 65.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item pb2013: Gold sequin evening clutch
Click for more detail...

Gold sequin evening clutch

Shield your eyes from the dazzling gold sequin and beads on the envelope evening bag. Bag is 9 1/2 inches long by 5 inches high. The front is sparkling with gold diamond shapes of stars. The back has beads in forms of stars scattered about. Hand made in Hong Kong for La Regale LTD. Closes with a snap. I don't believe it was ever used. Great condition
Our Price: $ 35.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item menb501: Vintage mens suit jacket
Click for more detail...

Vintage mens suit jacket

Circa 1940's or 50's double breasted light brown suit jacket. Can be buttoned either left or right. This is a very well made lined suit coat. Label reads Lanvin Paris-NewYork Barney's New York and Celsius 21 60% wool 40% Poyester. Chest measures 40 inches Length from shoulder to hem 32 inches. Sleeve length 25 inches. Great looking jacket with blue jeans. Very good condition.
Sold and Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item plh2009: 70's quilted purse
Click for more detail...

70's quilted purse

Here is a black 1970's shoulder purse. It has a quilted look with a tassle by the snap closure. A shoulder length- long gold chain with black vinyl was popular in the 70's & 80's. Purse measures 7 1/2 inches by 8 inches. Inside has a zipper compartment. Label reads made in China.
Our Price: $ 15.00 On Hold & Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item pl2020: Arts & Crafts purse
Click for more detail...

Arts & Crafts purse

Here is a super arts & crafts circa 1930's leather purse. Its brown with a colorful geometric design in the front. Envelope type closure with a handle extending from the top. Back has a pocket slit. Inside has four compartments-two coin purses- inside each other. Small inside label reads Genuine Calf made in USA. This in such a neat find!
Our Price: $ 135.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item menb508: Western hat with Coca Cola logo
Click for more detail...

Western hat with Coca Cola logo

Very cool western tan hat. Feels like felt. Band around the outside rim is red with the Coca Cola logo in front with a feather tucked at the side. I'm not sure how old it is but is very wearable. Label reads Medium made in USA. A few ink marks under brim, could use a bit of cleaning if you choose.
Our Price: $ 35.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item ph2006: Palizzio -- Very New  York
Click for more detail...

Palizzio -- Very New York

This is a fun purse. The inside seems to be suede and has Palizzio -- Very New York stamped in. There are two inside compartments--one open and one zippered. The purse measures 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 inches. The purse has a great look to it. I'm not sure if it is really leather or imitation. The handle has a lot of wear. I didn't notice it until the pictures were taken and I'm not sure it can be fixed. It is still usable and really a cute purse.
Our Price: $ 25.00 On Hold & Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item ph2008: Eagle Tooled Leather Handbag
Click for more detail...

Eagle Tooled Leather Handbag

Make a statement with this 50's-60's tooled leather handbag. There are no markings but I'd guess the bag was made in Mexico. The front of the bag has an eagle and the background is steerhide. Inside the bag has three divisions. A large center section has an open pocket and the two side divisions each have a zippered pocket. The bag measures 12 3/4 inches wide by 8 3/4 inches high. It has a clasp closing and two leather handles. The bag has been well-loved but still has alot of use left.
Our Price: $ 45.00 On Hold & Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item ph2017: Velveteen Embroidered Clutch
Click for more detail...

Velveteen Embroidered Clutch

This 1940's-50's embroidered clutch is still in its original box. The box is not in very good shape but it has protected the purse all these years. Made probably in India, the front of the bag is elaborately embroidered in gold and silver. The carry strap on the back of the purse is also embroidered. The purse measures 8 inches by 5 inches and has one pocket inside and still has a small mirror. There are a few pulls on the embroiderey but overall it is in very good shape.
Our Price: $ 32.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item menh507: Bowler with box
Click for more detail...

Bowler with box

Here is a very clean men's bowler or derby hat. The traditional black bowler was found in the box marked Empire State Hats. There is no label inside the hat so I don't know if its the correct box. The bowler measures 21 inches on the inside band. This is a very clean hat. There is one stain on the inside but overall the hat looks like it was worn very little.
Our Price: $ 70.00 On Hold & Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item hab4003: Vintage Blue and White Hawaiian dress
Click for more detail...

Vintage Blue and White Hawaiian dress

Here is a long vintage blue and white dress made in Honolulu, Nalii fashions. This floor length muu-muu is sleeveless with an elastic neck & strapes. Cute ruffle at the hem-line.Some of the Blue and white pictures are of fish, shells, leaves, flowers and dots. Such a pretty, comfortable summer dress. 100% cotton, label size 14. Bust about a 38. Hips 44. Length 44 inches from shoulder to ruffle hem.
Our Price: $ 32.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item sh1016: 70's open toe heels
Click for more detail...

70's open toe heels

Soooooo cute. 1970's made in Brazil open toe shoes. These are marked 7B and measure 9 1/2 inches heel to toe on the inside. They measure 2 7/8 inches across the sole. They have skinny ankle straps that are so feminine. Maker is intaglioand the heels measure 3 inches. Just great for summer.
Our Price: $ 26.00 On Hold & Show

Click here to enlarge image and see more about item bab5005: Vintage shorts
Click for more detail...

Vintage shorts

Here is a pair of vintage circa 1960 black with white shading shorts (geometric design). Never worn with orginal tags. Fabric is called everglaze 100% cotton. Made in France "Peter Pan fabrics Imports the collection of Etablissements Wallach" Waist 28 inches with an inside 2 inch waistband. Hips measure 36 inches.Leg opening measures 20 inches.Length measures 36 inches. Front has a right side cut-in slant pocket. Metal zipper on left side with a button at waist. Condition is excellent as they have never been worn. Very cute with a peter pan collar white shirt or t-shirt. original price tag reads $5.99.
Our Price: $ 25.00

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item bab5006: Vintage shorts set
Click for more detail...

Vintage shorts set

SALE ITEM: BACK METAL ZIPPER IS BROKEN ( can be replaced - but not by me)
A two piece summer cotton outfit from the 60's. The long 25 inch vest is tan with rows of white daisies. Black butterflys are sampling the daisies here and there. The vest buttons down the front (6). It has a U neckline with two dark flaps as fake pockets. Bust 34 inches. Waist 32 inches. The shorts are more like coulottes with a skirt-like front. Design follows the vest. Back metal zipper. Waist 24 inches. Hips 32 inches with length of 17 inches. When you have the outfit on it looks like a mini-skirt. Great Condition like it was never worn.
Our Price: $ 15.00 Sale

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Click here to enlarge image and see more about item bab5007: Bright green summer two piece shorts set
Click for more detail...

Bright green summer two piece shorts set

Remember "Laugh-In". I think Goldie wore an outfit like this one. Bright green background with small,medium & LARGE white flowers on this cotton summer shorts set. The top is sleeveless with a v neck with collar. Back has 21 inch metal zipper. Front has a 11 inch slit at bottom middle. The length is 34 inches long - could be used as a dress.Bust 40 inches. Dress flares out with about a 44 inch hip. Made for comfort & style. The shorts have a comfortable 26 inch elastic waist which will stretch to around 32 inches. Hips about 40 inches with leg opening 26 inch. These are short shorts with a length of 16 inches. This outfit looks new - great condition.
Our Price: $ 45.00

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