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<b>Here is a fun and adorable way to display a plant or favorite herb.

His colors are noticeable, yet soft and muted.  The main body however, is white.

The inside is glazed white and there is some minor crazing. 

Incised on bottom: J 88 

Maker: unknown

There are some interesting pin size holes on the bottom that we believe were there for firing purposes.  They do not affect the function of the item.  

<b>Done in the Sylvac style with pouty face and large eyes.

Small vintage planter has an opening of two inches.

Color: Reddish brown and white

Maker: unknown

There is a tiny pin hole which appears to be done during manufacturing.  

<b>This elegant lady dances the night away in her beautiful green flaired dress.

Hand painted and trimmed in gold.  

The diameter opening is approx. 1 1/2 in. 

Perfect size for your favorite herb.    

Hand Painted Elephant with Ball Planter $18.00


Vintage Wide-Eyed Puppy Dog Planter $19.00


Vintage Dancing Lady Planter $45.00


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