System Tutorial

Throughout this document, you will see the following link: Members Page The 'members page' is where you go to maintain your online store and do the things described in this tutorial.  You should bookmark your members page because you will use it often. If you need to find it, simply go to the TIAS main page, select 'SELL' and the link to access your store.

1. Before You Begin

  1. System Requirements (what do you need to have a store?)
  2. What will my store be like? Read this General Overview...
  3. What are the items on the page called? How do I change them?
  4. How do I manage my store? What are my everyday tasks?
  5. Paying for Your Store
  6. Important Information for AOL users
  7. A Few Modest Words About Ourselves...
  8. Need some help?  Have questions that were not answered?
  9. Dictionary of Internet Terms and Slang

2. Getting Started

  1. Step 1 - Organizing Your Store / Defining Your Categories
  2. Step 2 - Setting Up Your Inventory / Adding An Item

3. Working With Your Categories

  1. How Do I Add Categories to My Store?
  2. How do I Know What Categories Are Available? Which Category to Use?
  3. How do I add a Single or Custom Category to My Store?
  4. How Do I Make Changes to An Existing Category?
  5. How Do I Remove (delete) a Category From My Store?
  6. I Want My Categories to be Grouped and Look Nice!

4. Working With Your Items

  1. Adding An Item
  2. Changing an Item
  3. Deleting an Item
  4. Adding or Changing Photos on an Item
  5. Featuring an Item (how DO I get my item on the TIAS home page?)
  6. Changing A Lot of Items In the Same Category -- all at once!
  7. Changing A Lot of Items In Different Categories -- all at once!
  8. Controlling the Order in which Items are Displayed
  9. How Do I Move  an Item (or a LOT of items) to a different Category?
  10. How to Take Photos That Sell Merchandise - part 1 (setup)
  11. How to Take Photos That Sell Merchandise - part 2 (photo quality)
  12. Using Scanned Images (Don't have a digital camera?)
  13. Editing Images
  14. How to Write Descriptions That Sell Merchandise
  15. Keeping Your Inventory Accurate -- How to Take a Physical Inventory

5. HELP!!!! - Common Problems

  1. HELP! I Made a Change and it's Not Showing Up!
  2. How do I change my credit card number & information?  Or my email address?  Or my mailing address?
  3. I need a new password / I lost my password!
  4. How do I Change the Way My Store Looks?
  5. How do I Control the Order in which Items are Displayed?
  6. I Want to Change my Banner!
  7. BUMMER! I Need to Cancel, Delete or Return all or part of an Order!
  8. I Need to Uncancel (or unvoid or reinstate) an Order!
  9. How Do I Get a Customer's Credit Card Number?
  10. How Do I Get a Printed Copy of an Order?
  11. My Auction Closed and the Buyer Didn't Contact Me!
  12. How do I avoid paying commission on incomplete orders?

6. Activating Your Shop

  1. How Do I Activate my Shop?
  2. Activation Check List/Store Content Audit

7. Uploading to Auctions

  1. All About Auctions! A Brief Overview of the Auction Upload Process
  2. Set Your Auction Preferences
  3. Register With the Auction House
  4. Uploading to the Auction House
  5. My Auction Closed AND I have a buyer! -- What now?
  6. My Auction Closed and the Buyer Didn't Contact Me!
  7. My Auction Buyer Placed Several Orders! How do I combine them?
  8. My Auction Closed but there was no buyer! -- What now?

8. Shopping Carts, Orders and Billings

  1. How Do I Accept an Offer for an Item?
  2. How Will I know If I Have a Sale?
  3. I DO have a sale! - now what do I do? (Includes printing file copies and invoice!)
  4. OK - Now how do I get paid?
  5. My Buyer placed several Orders! How do I combine them?
  6. WOW! I got paid!  -- Now What's the Best Way to Pack this Item?
  7. Having packed it, HOW DO I SHIP IT?
  8. Adding An Order Manually
  9. Making Changes to a Shopping Cart or to an Order
  10. BUMMER! I need to cancel, delete or return all or part of an order!
  11. I didn't get paid yet. And I don't want to pay the TIAS commission....
  12. What Country Is My Order From?
  13. What Are the Names of the Postal Districts In Argentina (or any other Foreign Country)?
  14. I'd Like To Accept Credit Cards!
  15. How do I set up Automated Shipping Calculation?
  16. How do I Process an Order using PayPal?
  17. What is Google Checkout?
  18. How do I add Google Checkout to my store?
  19. How do I Process an order with Google Checkout?

9.  Promoting your site!

  1. I've got the store -- now where are the customers?
  2. Advertising (free and otherwise) on
  3. Free Downloadable Goodies (business cards, placards, tent cards)
  4. How do I get my site seen on
  5. Using Newsgroups and Special-Interest Groups for Promotion
  6. Overview of Your Store Mailing List
  7. How to use Your Store Mailing List
  8. Mailing List FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  9. Using Coupons and Discounts
  10. Getting Listed on the Internal Search Engine (Why is my competitors product 'ahead' of mine?)
  11. Getting Listed on Google

10. Helpful Tips, Extra Features and Other Wonders

  1. Helpful Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
  2. Browsing Fun -- opening two browser windows, dragging and dropping, making bookmarks
  3. Need to Load Your Inventory From Another Computer System?
  4. Do You Need to Close Your Store?
  5. Who is winning?  You or the Inventory?  Hints on Organizing a Warehouse
  6. A Few Sobering Thoughts about Fire Safety
  7. Getting your own domain (you can be a too!)
  8. How do I set up Automated Shipping Calculation?

11. The 'OTHER' Pages

  1. How do I Set or Change My Order Policies?
  2. When Your Customer uses the Contacts Page
  3. Your Site History Page
  4. Want to have a Links Page?
  5. Need to have a Calendar Page?


13. The Bowels of the Beast

  1. What are the items on the page called? How do I change them?
  2. Where is the HTML for my site? How is my site constructed?
  3. Using comments and adding text to your pages

14. Managing your inventory in the 'real world' -- safety, productivity and other concerns

  1. Basic Fire Safety
  2. Getting the Most from Your Storage Space

15. Shutting Down Your Store

  1. I want to go on vacation!
  2. I need to close my store


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